A New Year's Ritual

New Year's Ritual

I'm not about resolutions. Partly because I rarely stick to them beyond a couple of weeks, but mostly because I've been doing something else since I was 10 years old. When I was in the fifth grade, I spent new years at a friends house and her older sister (who I thought was the COOLEST) had her friends over and they were doing this at midnight. It stuck, and 21 years later I am still doing it.


  • Step 1: Think about what you want to leave behind in 2018.

What have you overcome? Big or small. Did anything rise up unexpectedly and derail your plans? Was there a particular theme to the year that you feel like you can now move forward with or from? 


  • Step 2: Write it down. Write it all down.

If you left something, someone, some feeling, some pattern behind, what positive change would it make space for in 2019? 


  • Step 3: Set it on fire.

Take your list outside just before midnight, 11:57 is a nice time, read it to your self (out loud if you dare) and burn it. 


  • Step 4:  Take a deep breath in and a long exhale out.
Go inside to sip your champagne with the feeling of more space and freedom to embrace for 2019 as you cheer, shout and kiss it into existance.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    Love, Britt