Honey Tobacco Candle


 This is the scented candle that started it all. A very unique fragrance, unlike what you may imagine  (no, it does not smell like cigarettes). The scent was inspired by the creator's love for a blend of a deep vanilla scent and her affinity for wearing her brother's cologne when she was younger. 

Available in a black or white label. No difference in scent, just aesthetic preference. 

 -The 10 oz soy scented candle will burn for about 50-60 hours. Your candle will have the longest life if let it burn to the edges for the first burn, and if you trim the wick to about 1/4" before each subsequent burn. For all tips on how to make your candle last, check out our blog post here

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Scent!

Love the candle and roll-on scent. The candle is stronger with vanilla and spicy notes. The roll-on scent is more subtle. It reminds me of incense at church, kind of like myrrh. Very pretty, warm and not overpowering. Definitely my kind of scent!

Love them!

I love the smell of the candles. The body butter is AMAZING and stays on for a long time.
I have the spray as well.
I've made about 3 orders so far. Definitely one of my favorites of all candles

Honey Tobacco - candle

I've had the roller for over a year now and absolutely love what the scent evokes for me personally. I thought I had found my thing - until I walked into a friend's home and she had the candle burning. The entire home smelt like a warm hug and instantly put me at ease. I keep lighting the candle while I'm working away at my computer screen and it just adds something almost inexplicable. And now I know what I'm sending to everyone as their housewarming present.


Everyone tells me how great I smell when I wear this. I got my notoriously picky sister the candle, and even she loved the scent. If you're on the fence, go for it. If you don't love it, chances are someone around you will.

My favorite scent

After being a loyal candle customer, I finally got myself a roll on. I love the scent in my home and now I can smell it anywhere I go! I never wear perfume because I find them all too strong and make me feel sick, but this scent is the perfect subtle scent.

Adore your products

My wife and I first fell in love with the scent of honey tobacco while visiting a shop in Tofino. That smell literally haunted me for month upon our return home and as soon as I began school for massage therapy I knew I had to have it in my home studio. Please don’t ever stop producing this line as I will be an avid fan and customer throughout the future. Perfect warm, welcoming first impression when clients and guests come to call. Wishing you folks at Picot all the best and best of luck in all endeavours. Dan Lloyd @BodyOfWorkYeg

Can’t have enough of these!

I love, love, love these candles and crystal roll on scents. They are a regular gift for birthdays, holidays and house warming parties (instead of the standard bottle of vino). I have a candle in multiple rooms in my house and burn them regularly. And the roll on scent is something I always like to save for special occasions. Beautiful products!

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