Candle, Tea & Tarot Bundle


Create a ritual of self-care

Turning self-care a routine or ritual will help to bring excitement to this part of your day. As the Calm tea is steeping and the aroma of sweet cinnnamon and orange fill your cup, light your Honey Tobacco candle. Turn your phone onto do not disturb and then settle in with your Homebound Tarot deck. Give it a shuffle and consider what you would like more clarity or support on. Perhaps you take a peek at @homeboundtarot to get a few more ideas on which spreads resonate with you at the moment. Let this moment be yours to reflect, connect, and soothe with goods that support a sense of comfort and calm. Pro tip: bring a journal into this and spend time on taking notes on what comes up for you during your session. Enjoy the process, and take good care. 

This bundle includes: 

-16oz bag of Calm Tea

-10oz Honey Tobacco Candle (your choice of a white or black label)

-Homebound Tarot Deck

-Homebound Tarot Guidebook

-Free Shipping

Customer Reviews

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I bought the candle and tarot card package and I LOVE it! Such a nice package to use when you want a little self love time. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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