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Fragrance Roller Bundle

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Ships February 6, 2023

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Layer these scents or enjoy them individually. Think of Wildwood as the bridge between the other two: The scent is enhanced when layered with Honey Tobacco or layered with Refresh

A little more about each scent:

Honey Tobacco Fragrance Roller

No, it doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Not even close. We’ve named it for our custom blend that is sweet yet deep and evokes a feeling of comfort and sensuality for your home and body. Reminiscent of vanilla, honey, and men's cologne.

Vegan | Phthalate free | Synthetic Musk Free
- Surprise Rollerball options: Rose Quartz, Orange Calcite, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, or White Howlite. 
- Fragrance

Refresh Essential Oil Roller

Like stepping into the spa, a wave of feeling calm and present washes over you, and immediately you feel uplifted and more at ease with an inhale of mint, orange, and eucalyptus. Helps to clear the sinuses, ease headaches, and soothe itch from bug bites too. 

Fresh | Uplifting | Soothing
- Clear Quartz Rollerball
- Aromatherapy

Wildwood Essential Oil Fragrance Roller
This blend was created for our love of walking in the woods and the feeling of being rejuvenated for doing it. We can't always get out there so we wove it into the products that have daily rituals.

Calming | Grounding | Sensual | Alluring
- Clear Quartz Rollerball
- Aromatherapy and Gender-Neutral Fragrance