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Candle + Roller Set

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Ships February 6, 2023

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We bundled our best sellers together for you to enjoy as a simple gift or save on something for yourself!  Our classic 8oz candle and roller pairing. Enjoy your favourite at home and on the go.

A note on the rollers: 

Honey Tobacco roller crystal will come as a surprise with an accompanying info card.

Surprise options:
 Rose Quartz, Orange Calcite, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, or White Howlite (shown in photo).
- More info on what each crystal represents can be found here

Wildwood and Refresh rollers come with Clear Crystal Quartz rollers. 

A little more about each scent:

Honey Tobacco Fragrance Oil is our classic scent reminiscent of honey, men's cologne and vanilla undertones.

Vegan | Phthalate free | Synthetic Musk Free | Fragrance

Refresh Essential Oil 
Smells like stepping into the spa and a wave of feeling calm and present washes over you. Immediately you feel uplifted and more at ease with an inhale. Think mint, orange, and eucalyptus...

Fresh | Uplifting | Soothing

This blend is 100% plant-based and natural.

Wildwood Essential Oil 
This blend was created for our love of walking in the woods and the feeling of being rejuvenated for doing it. We can't always get out there so we wove it into the products that have daily rituals.

Calming | Grounding | Sensual | Alluring