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Picot (pea-co) began in 2015 as a brick and mortar shop curated with modern handcrafted gifts and goods in the heart of Fernwood Square. Fernwood is a historic destination neighborhood that is one of the most sought after neighborhoods to live in Victoria because of its architecture, community and central location to the city. Our commercial square of award-winning local food, retail, arts and service based businesses are nestled under a canopy of string lights. We recently closed our Brick and Mortar shop to take Picot in new directions. Our doors there may be closed, but Fernwood will always be home. A little off the beaten path of downtown Victoria, just the way we like it.

Our Signature scent line, Honey Tobacco, can now be found in local artisan shops across Canada. Check our stockist page to find the shop nearest you.

As a shop, we were known as one of the best places to buy gifts in Victoria. Where you could both shop and visit, choose gifts for yourself or others, and know that you were supporting independent creative businesses while adding functional beauty to your life. We now apply these values to our season markets.

You'll know a Picot Market when you see one from the welcoming celebratory and social atmosphere, the live music, the delicious food, and array of talented vendors. You'll always find plenty of pottery, a few baked treats, something mystical, and plenty of vendors you would never expect to find at your standard craft or farmers market.

Building and supporting community is the heart and soul of what we do. Art Openings, Workshops, collaborations, Night Markets and other events are just a few ways we strive to connect and fulfill this vision. If you are interested in bringing a Picot event to your space, please contact us!


Meet the Team

Britt Buntain

Position/ Title: Founder, Creative Director

CONTACT forexclusive product design & collaboration, press & social media, workshop & event planning


When I was younger I wanted to be: A teacher 

What I actually went to school for: Geography; Human & Environmental Health

Star Sign: Scorpio

Loves: Tacos, tarot, cooking, yoga, exploring the Gulf Islands 

Practices: Saori weaving, yoga, meditation, and dabbling back into pottery

Could do without: Facebook

Fascinated by Astrology, cashew "cheese"

Favourite aspect of Picot?: The people I've met and the conversations that have happened in this store! And the Pottery. And I think the Night Markets ties all that together!

Pet Peeves: cutlery scratching on plates and automated telephone operators 

Pet loves: My cat "Dennis", and border collie "Roo"

Favorite Place in Victoria:  Dallas Road at Sunset, and Dockside Caffe Fantastico for Sunrise.


Arielle Moore

Position/ Title: Online Sales & Product Manager

CONTACT for: product inquiries, wholsale & consignment, online orders & shipping 


When I was younger I wanted to be: An Artist

What I actually went to school for: Business Administration, Retail Management and Visual Merchandising

Star sign: Capricorn

Loves: dessert, DIYing, productive mornings, and potatoes - in all their forms but mainly fries

Practices: weaving, being cozy, and baking.

Could do without: introductory small talk and driving

Fascinated by: dietary science, and IMDB trivia

Favourite aspect of Picot?: That we're supporting talented local artists and showcasing the actual people who make all these awesome things. I love knowing I'm helping people do what they love doing.

Pet Peeves: pet names, unruly kids, and peas in my veggie burgers

Pet Loves: The many cats in my life

 Favorite Place in Victoria: Cold Comfort, and the Heritage House I’ll surely live in someday.



Rachael Willson

 Position/ Title: Blog and Marketing Coordinator 

CONTACT for: blog inquiries and collaborations


When I was younger I wanted to be: A Teacher

What I actually went to school for: Bachelor of Elementary Education

Star signAries 

Loves: Good coffee, Cold Comfort ice cream sandwiches, camping by the ocean, and cooking extravagant breakfasts.

Practices: Film photography. photography, and an assortment of art practices

Could do without: Fast food chains and youtube ads. 

Fascinated by: Montessori education and marketing and design, and the backstory to art pieces. 

Favourite aspect of Picot?: I love the passion behind Picot and how we can inspire the community to support local artists and be intentional with buying good quality, beautiful, and purposeful products.

Pet Peeves: Negativity and loud sipping of coffee or soup.

Pet Loves: Golden retrievers and huskies (especially in puppy form).

Favorite Place in Victoria: Beautiful coffee shops (The Parsonage, Hey Happy and Hide and Seek...) and anywhere by the beach. 


"The collective" in Picot is simply the artists we work with and our community. We work with people who have a similar vision and approach to building their small business. We want to work with great people making wonderful things for more great people. Go check out our blog if you want to learn more about the artists we work with!