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Get to know us


Hi, I'm Britt! Picot ( pronounced pee-koe) is a lifestyle and wellness brand committed to our values of simplicity, quality,and community. We create products that feel nourishing and support grounding in everyday routines

How it started + how it's going

I started this company as a brick and mortar shop in Fernwood in 2015 to highlight the makers community in Victoria, BC. I curated it for ceramics, handmade textiles, natural skincare, jewelry, and artwork. We hosted art openings for artists such as Lauren Mycroft, Ehren Salazar, Kayley Rae, Ash Wilson, and Kimberly Dean.

Our signature scent, "Honey Tobacco" was created as a candle for the shop and it quickly grew into personal products. In the summer of 2017, I hired Jennifer UrselI as my manufacturing partner and we expanded the business to represent the products that we personally trust and feel good about: simple and clean ingredients, beautiful design, comforting scents, and minimal, reusable packaging.

On a personal note, I've struggled with stress affecting various health issues for over a decade. I live my life and operate my business in a way that I can sustainably handle without going out of integrity and good health; I live and breathe that as my personal culture. The best way to reduce the impact that stress has on me is bolstered by my commitment to small, daily habits that are slow, grounding, and anchored to reflection and nourishment. Cooking and baking healthy meals, journalling, counselling, quality time with loved ones, long baths, and limited screen time are all examples of that for me. Our products are intended to partner with these practices that are off-screen. Essentially, I've built a business and product line that is true to my own commitment in overall health, and we offer our products, recipes, and resources out to you in hopes that they do the same.

the Story behind the name

Picot is my grandmother Marion's family name. It's also known as as small loops  of twisted thread in lace or embroidery decorating the border of a fabric. Both my mother and grandmother love to knit, and naming my business after her represents familiarity, honouring, and coming together again. 

Marion passed away from Alzheimers in November 2020, and her name for my business will always keep her spirit alive through sharing a love for comforting, handmade goods and delicious, nourishing recipes.


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