16oz Honey Tobacco Candle - Limited Edition


 This is the scent that started it all, in a much larger size! For the real Honey Tobacco lovers, we offer you a candle 2X the size of the original and in a limited edition label.

Honey Tobacco is a very unique fragrance, unlike what you may imagine  (no, it does not smell like cigarettes). The scent was inspired by the creator's love for a blend of a deep vanilla scent and her affinity for wearing her brother's cologne when she was younger. 

Available only in the limited edition labels shown 

 -Our 16oz soy scented candle will burn for about 120 hours, however, we don't reccomend that you burn it for longer than 4 hours at a time. Your candle will have the longest life if let it burn to the edges for the first burn, and if you trim the wick to about 1/4" before each subsequent burn. For all tips on how to make your candle last, check out our blog post here

Customer Reviews

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jumbo perfection

I love that there is an option for a bigger candle, I burn them daily and its nice not to have to repurchase so often. I also love the label on this bigger size. Burns great!

Cannot get enough!

Love, love, love these candles. My favorite smell in the giant size. Burns really well and leaves my house smelling so delicious!

This candel is amazing!

I loved the roller and had to get the candel so that every part of me and my house smelled of this! Love it!!!


16oz Honey Tobacco Candle - Limited Edition

Love this candle

This candle fills my home with the most wonderful smell -I love honey tobacco and have been a fan of the body mist, roll-on perfume and now, the candle . The scent lingers for a long time (in the best way!). I light it in the dining room and it fills the entire floor of my house with a subtle,dreamy honey tobacco scent-this super high quality candle is the real deal!

Tobacco Candle

I absolutely love how my home smells with this candle you have a forever client here

My favourite scent

I love this candle! The scent is so unique and smells divine. And I like that I was able to buy the bigger size so it lasts longer.

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