Aquarius Print by 11th House Creative

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The 11th House Creative is a new creative collaborative founded by Claire Beauchamp and her partner, Jaxon Gerrand.   They are both born in the sun sign of Aquarius and so are both ruled by the 11th Astrological House.  This House represents the bringing together of creative minds, working as a collective, the actualization of the self and following/manifesting one's destiny, hopes and dreams.  The 11th House Creative is a name under which they can look to these elements to guide and inspire their creative projects.  They work both independently and collaboratively under this name.
The Aquarius print is one of the first two in what will be an ongoing series representing the signs of the Zodiac with a nod to fashion culture.  These prints have been created by digitally collaging elements of work that Claire has created by hand, including details of paintings and pencil drawings.  
Limited Edition of 200, Signed and Numbered
8.5"x10.5" on 100% Recycled Cardstock Paper
20% of sales will be donated to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre