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Honey Tobacco Body Butter

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Our Honey Tobacco Body Butter could also be called Honey Tobacco Solid Perfume! Enjoy the simple pleasures of a self-care routine with our luxurious, non-toxic, and nourishing ingredients with a scent that is grounding, deep, and alluring. 

Scent Strength: 4/5

  • Considered a solid perfume, it will last all-day
  • A little goes a long way
  • Scented for you and those around you
  • Strong, but not over-powering

Our Honey Tobacco Body Butter / Solid Perfume is handmade in Canada with our custom, non-toxic fragrance, organic shea butter, and MCT oil. We source high-quality, vegan ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks.

A little goes a long way! You can expect this moisturizing fragrance to last 8-16 months!

Application Suggestions:

As a moisturizer:
Rub a small amount in your hands to warm it up and then work it in to your arms, shoulders, legs, etc. 

As a solid perfume:
Take a small amount and rub into neck, chest, + wrists

4oz reusable glass jar with a black metal lid 


Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Simply Wonderful

I've become quickly obsessed with this body butter! From the texture, so the scent, I use it everyday. Love love love!

Jenny G.
The best!

The body butter is new for me and I love it! Leaves your skin soft but, not greasy and that honey tobacco is beyond amazing!! I love the subtle scent all day long!

Susan T.
Body butter

This stuff is the best. If you haven’t tried it before I highly recommend it. So rich and creamy and feels soft like “budda” on your skin. Aaahhh…

Pam W.
Heaven in a Jar!

This body butter is amazing! It is rich, creamy and smells so good. I use this daily and love how the scent lasts the whole day. And I love how fast it was shipped and received.

Honey Tobacco Dream Fluff

This body butter is indulgent. The scent is divine and it stays with you for hours. I am told continuously that I smell like cake, like baking, like I just smell…delicious. Heads turn and I swear it has the power of a pheromone. This is the hood stuff. ;)

Love this scent

I love the candle, so thought I’d try this body butter. Does not disappoint! Rich, creamy and of course the warm cozy scent. Great price too.

Grace G.

Love this stuff!! Its like heaven in a jar... so fluffy yet still smooth and creamy. The best part is still the fragrance, I look forward to putting it on every day