Honey Tobacco Body Butter


 If you have been looking for the best-scented moisturizer, look no further.

Our body butter is made for you if: ⁠

〰️ you like using high quality, natural and organic products ⁠
〰️ you enjoy your skin being moisturized and smooth ⁠
〰️ you want to smell incredible, all day, without over-powering anyone or any room⁠
〰️ you enjoy the simple pleasures of a personal care routine⁠
〰️ you like your products to last + hold their value

Our Honey Tobacco Body Butter is made with organic shea butter and coconut oil, whipped with our signature scent to melt on your skin. It's made from 97% organic ingredients and we can honestly say that this is the best of the bunch.⁠ ⁠

Application Suggestion: Rub a small amount in your hands to warm it up and then work it in to your arms, shoulders, legs, etc. 

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, Honey Tobacco fragrance

 Available in a 4oz glass jar with a black metal lid 

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Honey Tobacco by Picot Collective is a custom fragrance is made in Victoria BC and sold in boutiques all across Canada. It's available as scented candles, roll on fragrance, body butter, bath soak, and a mist for your hair, home, and body. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews

Honey tobacco is my favorite scent . I am thrilled to have a body butter that softens the skin with a warm sweet scent!

Jen L.

I love all the Honey Tobacco products but the body botter is out of this world! A little goes a long way and keeps me smelling great all day long! This has been my one and only scent for years and will continue to be!

Kiwita S.
My favourite products

I’ve had the honey tobacco rollers, mist & just now have tried the body butter and there really ain’t a fragrance that compares to it…it is one of a kind and SO beautiful. My husband also wears it & loves it. Can’t say enough good things about these products.

Montserrat S.
Soft heaven

The classic Tobacco scent in this luxurious and moisturizing body butter , i love it !

Stacey J.

I can’t say enough about this body butter. I decided to order it after falling in love with the signature honey tobacco scent from my roller purchase at a local shop. It is incredible. It is moisturizing, lightweight yet smells divine. Highly recommend.

My favourite scent!

Scent stays on your body all day and feels incredible on the skin!

Amanda I.

I am absolutely addicted to this scent! Truly. I ordered nearly everything on the site after being gifted this body butter once. The body butter is deliciously luxurious and soft, moisturizing, and of course, smells heavenly. Best scent ever if you enjoy earthy grounded musky scents laced with delicacy and sweet nectary tones… I want to smell it all day long, everywhere I go, and now - I CAN. The scent lasts well after application, too.

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