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 Kendra Shaw's ceramic tagline is "thoughtfully handcrafted to bring joy to your morning rituals". She's from the east coast of Canada but now shares a beautiful pottery studio in Victoria BC with a few other skilled potters. She art is a reflection of the intersection of form and functionality, and her pieces draw inspiration from the beauty of the coast, the morning light through her studio window, and the subtle art of everyday objects. 

- Each ceramic candle is hand thrown, hand-carved, and glazed inside and out. We've poured 485 ml of our Honey Tobacco Candle inside and these should burn for about 120 hours.  When you're done, wash it out and re-use Kendra's beautiful creation. 

- Please ensure that you burn your candle for at least an hour each time you light it so that the melting pool reaches the edges of the container and you'll have an even melt all the way through. 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful ceramic

Love how big and beautiful the candle and ceramic are. I am a big fan of the honey tobacco products.

Sooooo beautiful and peaceful

I am so in love with this candle. The ceramic is so beautiful! The signature Picot smell is heavenly in my candle. I will definitely be using the ceramic afterwards for flowers or a plant.

Another beautiful collaboration

This is the second Honey Tobaco special ceramic collection candle I have purchased. Such a great way to enjoy my favourite candle. I love using the ceramics after for plants and think it’s a great way to support two BC businesses at once. Love Love Love.

Next Level Candle

I’ve been eyeing (and sniffing) the regular Picot candle for years, but for some reason never actually bought it. So I decided to fully commit by buying the $$$ ceramic one, and I am not disappointed! I like the bigger candle because it will burn longer, AND I get a gorgeous handmade vessel to keep (a plant will live and possibly die in it one day). The candle burns evenly and perfectly, and do make sure you trim the wick each time to preserve this luscious candle. The scent is unique, rich, and cozy, and when I’m spending so much more time at home it just made “scents” to finally invest in this beauty.

Beautiful candle

This candle is such a beautiful ceramic piece. I haven’t even lit it and my house smells heavenly. Love the scent! It will also make a nice plant pot after the candle is burnt down.

Kendra Shaw x Picot | Ceramic Candle

Do you love supporting two local businesses in one wonderful purchase? Do you love feeling indulgent and relaxed at home because of the perfect scent? Do you love having a gorgeous handmade ceramic tumbler/catch-all/plant pot once the candle has served its purpose? I KNOW you answered yes to all of these questions so what are you waiting for? Treat yourself!

Love the Smell, Recommend Buying in Person (products have arrived broken more than once)

I absolutely love the smell of the Honey Tobacco products and have repurchased multiple times but this will be the last time I order online. I have done a few online orders for myself or friends and each time something has arrived either cracked (the candles) or having leaked and lost a bunch of the product (from the rollers or spray). Not saying I won’t still buy because I LOVE the smell but I’ll only be buying in person from now on. Also I wouldn’t normally write a review but I’ve received emails requesting a review every 3-4 days since I got the products and am hoping this will stop them without having to unsubscribe all things Picot.

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