Refresh + Wildwood Soap: Set of 2

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Our Refresh and Wildwood Soaps are handmade in Canada with natural oils and are 100% vegan. 

Refresh Exfoliating Soap | Blood Orange, Mint, Eucalyptus
Exfoliate hydrate, and invigorate.

  • Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter, shea butter*, castor oil. Essential oils:  blood orange, peppermint, eucalyptus radiata | *Organic

Wildwood Moisturizing Soap
A facial bar for that squeaky clean, moisturized and tight-skin feeling. 

  • Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter, shea butter*, castor oil. Essential oils: benzoin, black spruce, ho wood, fir, blue tansy, turmeric CO2, vetiver, fir CO2 | *Organic

Olive Oil: removes makeup and sunscreen, is antioxidant, moisturizing and is rich in vitamins A,D,E, and K. 
Coconut Oil: antibacterial, moisturizing, helps to remove makeup, reduces inflammation.
Cocoa Butter: rich in fatty acids that create a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying. Helps to heal eczema and dermatitis.
Castor oil: is rich in ricinoleic acid which makes it a hydrating moisturizer.

Eucalyptus: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Soothing.
Peppermint: eases skin irritations
Blood Orange: uplifting aroma
Orange Peel: gentle exfoliant

Black Spruce:   soothes muscle aches and pains, poor circulation, respiratory weakness, acne, and eczema. Revitalizing
Fir:  muscular aches and pains. Eases stress & anxiety
Benzoin:   calms skin inflammation, antiseptic, astringent, heals wounds, dryness, and itching. Comforting
Ho wood:   tissue regenerator, anti-aging, indicated for dry/sensitive/inflamed skin. Balancing
Turmeric co2:  heals bruises, anti-inflammatory
Blue Tansy:   anti-inflammatory, may ease allergy symptoms, troubling irritated skin
Vetiver: muscle pain, arthritis, strengthens the skin, helpful in preventing fine lines/wrinkles, acne. Grounding

Weight: 3.75oz
2x bars 

Handmade in Canada

We swear by these

Custom BlendCruelty FreeFree from petroleum, phthalates, and parabensPlant based

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

As I expected, a self-love product. Smells yummy, feels, yummy, and your skin/body will be thankful. I’m not exaggerating when I say PICOTS products are good for your mental health.

Amanda (Courtenay, BC, CA)
Reluctant to use on my face, but it's beautiful!

Up until now I've only used oil-based facial washes, but the wildwood (I've only tried this one so far) is just beautifully gentle and scented. Definitely recommend.

Karley L.

luxury quality and scent!! Hydrating, exfoliating and so yummy… couldn’t recommend more !

Renae B.

I love this soap combo, the scent, the shape, and the two different options bundled into one cute package. They are a staple in my bathroom and make perfect gifts!

C B.

Honestly the BEST soap. Both bars last me so long… it doesn’t get slimey either.
I love how my face feels after cleansing with this. Squeaky clean, yet, soft and tight.

EB (Nelson, BC, CA)

Love the option to be able to try both and, like all products, they smell so good!

Marianne B. (Victoria, BC, CA)
Wildwood Moisturizing Soap

It's always a little risky to choose a scented item without experiencing it first but I am loving this soap. It has a lovely lather and the scent is grounding and calming. It feels really good on my skin, not drying in any way. I would definitely purchase this again. Thank you for another great product.

Nathan B. (Alexandria, VA, US)
New Skin

I've had pretty decent skin, but trying this product has introduced noticeable improvement and feel. My skin feels a bit softer and more hydrated, and the fragrance of this soap lingers in the best way. It's not overwhelming. It's like your movement after the fact activates the scent, and you know you smell good all day.
Cleaning is a self-care moment and becomes more intimate when you love the products you're putting on your skin and see the benefits.
My only complaint (and this is my fault 😅) is I wish I were closer to CA to get a lifetime supply. Haha.

Olivia B. (Victoria, BC, CA)
Best of both worlds

I love having two different soap options! The refresh soap is the perfect exfoliant and I'm excited to be using a bar for face wash. I've already signed up for the subscription.

Carly p. (Prince George, BC, CA)
The perfect facial bar

I have really sensitive skin and I try to avoid harsh chemicals and this moisturizing bar is perfect. It is very gentile and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, ready for the serum. My skin has never been happier and the smell is amazing!