Weekend Astrology & Tarot Workshop

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 Nourish your connection to spirit this October with two workshops led by intuitive reader and energy worker, Tegan Forbes. The weekend is broken up into two themes: Astrology and Tarot, with the options to register for just one day or both at a discounted price. Please make sure to specify in the above drop down list if you are registering for one or both workshops!


Astrology Workshop

Saturday October 28, 11-4 pm  with one hour lunch break

$150 (single day) 

Sign up for both classes for only $100 more

 Shamanic Astrology Vision Board

Create a vision board based on the specific and unique axis points in your birth chart

Join this special workshop to create a vision board inspired by the sacred language of your birth chart. Learn how to use they key axis points that transcend the intellect and access the visual language of the spirit path. This workshop is not about forecasting the future, it is about diving into the deeper psychology of one's life purpose utilizing the guides of astrology, symbolism and guided meditation.

Tegan will provide you with a copy of your individual birth chart, a short consultation plus the map that begins this Shamanic journey.

Registration closes October 24
Upon registering, please send a followup email with your birth location, day, year, and time 

Please bring with you:

- Your favourite mug to drink from
- Collage and drawing (bring your own materials)
- There will be a 1 hour break for lunch and to collect art materials 
Minimum 8 people to run the Astrology workshop


Tarot Workshop

Sunday October 29, 11-4 with one hour lunch break

$150 (single day) 

Sign up for both classes for only $100 more 

Tarot Spreads and Card Layouts

Designing tools for accessing the information you seek

Knowing different spreads will give your readings more depth and clarity expanding your knowledge of tarot reading. It is just as important to know which spread to use, as knowing the meaning of each card. Learn how to design your own unique spread as well as four complex card layouts that specifically encourage your intuition to expand. 

  •  The Zodiac Spread - is great for forecasting a year or reading the outlook for new starts, birthdays and special celebrations
  • Romantic Spread -is an in-depth look at the relationship dynamics between two people, navigating the unconscious rhythms and karmic patterns between two people
  • Kachina Knife -offers a very close look at finding yes/no answers, gaining clarification with specifics and finding likely outcomes
  • Celtic Cross - offers an in-depth look at the soul journey, accusing profound insight into past/present/future dynamics

A must if you practice tarot or read cards for yourself and others. The Wild Unknown Tarot will be used for demonstration and everyone will get a chance to have their cards read at least once depending on size of enrolment. 

Please Bring with you: 

- Your favourite mug to drink from
- Your favourite deck(s) to the workshop
- Paper or sketchbook and drawing materials for designing your own spread !

Minimum 8 people to run the Tarot workshop

Location: Picot Studio, 108-561 Johnson St, Victoria BC
(Down the Paperbox Arcade Alley on Lower Johnson. Entrance is by the crosswalk, across from Market Square.
Please arrive 10 minutes before start times. 
Notes about lunch break: You can bring a lunch from home and stay in the studio to eat, however we do not have a refrigerator to keep anything cool. Within a 5 minute walking distance there are lots of dietary friendly places to pick food up from. 
Tegan Intuitive Tarot card Reader
About Tegan: Tegan Forbes is an uplifting intuitive reader, energy worker and visual artist. She has over 10 years of professional tarot reading experience. She was born in Vancouver BC and is a west coast girl at heart. Her career as an artist and teacher has led Tegan across the world and sparked a variety of lasting friendships, creative endeavors and dynamic life experiences.

Tegan offers insight, clarity and mentorship with each consultation. Tarot provides a direct access point to help understand the path of one's soul purpose. During this weekend and through all readings you will be supported, listened to and empowered.

Images on this page are not my own, they are taken from: @Mysticmama, The Wild Unknown, and That Kind Of Woman (Etsy)












The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck will be referenced in this workshop,