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Wildwood Moisturizing Soap

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The bar that does it all: hands, face + body.

There’s nothing like the feeling of washing your face at the end of the day, or starting your day feeling fresh. We're all about feeling good in the skin we're in, and that starts right here: cleansing. Particular about what you're putting on your skin? Ya, us too. Take a peek at our ingredients and the benefits of them below!

When using as a facial cleanser: We suggest following up with the Wildwood Facial Serum to lock in moisture and hydrate even more. 

Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter, shea butter*, castor oil. Essential oils: benzoin, black spruce, ho wood, fir, blue tansy, turmeric CO2, vetiver, fir CO2 | *Organic

Olive Oil: removes makeup and sunscreen, antioxidant, moisturizing and rich in vitamins A,D,E, and K. 
Coconut Oil: antibacterial, moisturizing, helps to remove makeup, reduce inflammation.
Cocoa Butter: rich in fatty acids that create a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying. Helps to heal eczema and dermatitis.
Castor oil: rich in ricinoleic acid which makes it a hydrating moisturizer.
Black Spruce:   soothes muscle aches and pains, poor circulation, respiratory weakness, acne, eczema. Revitalizing
Fir:  muscular aches and pains. Eases stress & anxiety
Benzoin:   calms skin inflammation, antiseptic, astringent, heals wounds, dryness, itching. Comforting
Ho wood:   tissue regenerator, anti-aging, indicated for dry/sensitive/inflamed skin. Balancing
Turmeric co2:  heals bruises, anti-inflammatory
Blue Tansy:   anti-inflammatory, may ease allergy symptoms, troubled irritated skin
Vetiver: muscle pain, arthritis, strengthens the skin, helpful in preventing fine lines/wrinkles, acne. Grounding

Weight: 3.75oz
2x bars per order

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C B.

Honestly the BEST soap. Both bars last me so long… it doesn’t get slimey either.
I love how my face feels after cleansing with this. Squeaky clean, yet, soft and tight.

Marianne B.
Wildwood Moisturizing Soap

It's always a little risky to choose a scented item without experiencing it first but I am loving this soap. It has a lovely lather and the scent is grounding and calming. It feels really good on my skin, not drying in any way. I would definitely purchase this again. Thank you for another great product.

Carly p.
The perfect facial bar

I have really sensitive skin and I try to avoid harsh chemicals and this moisturizing bar is perfect. It is very gentile and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, ready for the serum. My skin has never been happier and the smell is amazing!

Best bar soap

This soap is magical. It feels great on my skin, lathers beautifully and of course the scent is perfection. I’m a big fan of the shape as well - it fits so nicely in my hands. Will definitely be buying again.

Jennifer U.

My new favorite face soap, gently cleanses and preps my face for the serum. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shower!