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Wellbeing Ritual with Tea and Rest
May 27, 2021
Enhance your wellness ritual with these tips and tricks.
Embracing Hygge This Fall
Oct 30, 2018
I've compiled a list of things that I love to do in the Fall and have accompanied them with the hygge manifesto, as per The Little Book of Hygge.  Everything from routines, tea, recipes, DIY crafts, books, and what to eat in the bath. I hope you find some inspiration, comfort, and treat yourself well this season.
Q&A: Insights to book editing and publishing with Kate Juniper of Juniper Editing & Creative
Apr 18, 2018
 The first time a colleague used the word manuscript, my heart beat harder: it was the most romantic word I’d ever had the honour to use in my professional life.
Interview with Rachel Hunsinger of Shanti Collective
Feb 28, 2018
Her advice for tough times, managing the impact of social media on creativity, and the beautiful message she would send to her younger self.
guide to setting goals how to set goals
Jan 17, 2018
How to Set Goals: A step-by-step guide. It’s worthwhile to take a little time to settle in and get clear on exactly what you are wanting to build ahead of you.