About us

Our products are a result of wanting better for ourselves and others. It all started because we wanted a candle that wasn't made from petroleum (paraffin wax) and harmful fragrance ingredients.

We formulated our Honey Tobacco scent for a candle in our original brick and mortar shop in 2015, and our customers started asking for it as a personal fragrance. We have evolved through curiosity and experimentation, and our intentional formulations have remained true to our origin: high quality, non-toxic ingredients paired with plant-based oils and waxes.

Scent is powerful. It has the ability to ease, calm, transport, uplift, and so much more, all within a deep breath. 

We aim to support wellness routines and personal care with our non-toxic and beautifully scented products for your home and body. Our motto has been, and always will be, to keep things simple and do them well. 

Hi, I'm Britt

Shortly after I started this business in 2015, a health-scare taught me that I needed to manage my stress in a healthier way, so I started creating self care routines with candles.

A lot of candles.

I dug a little deeper into what candles I was burning and I was shocked to learn about the harmful chemicals commonly used to make candles and skincare products.

It felt ridiculous for me to be focusing on bettering my health while breathing in chemicals like phthalates and paraffins, so I decided to develop my own. Shortly afterwards, our Honey Tobacco scent was born.
My products are for anyone who wants to build self care routines with safer ingredients. The bigger picture of my brand is for anyone who needs a reminder to slow down, stop scrolling, and carve out time for taking good care of their physical, emotional, mental, and soulful needs.

Simple, clean, and sustainable products

We are intentional about our product line from the ingredients to the packaging.

Our fragrance blend is free from phthalates, petroleum products, and parabens. We use a blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax for our candles.

The rest of our ingredients are easy to pronounce, organic, and made from essential oils and other plants.


Waste shouldn't be on the consumer. We'd rather focus on the quality of what's in our products while reducing what's on them. We take responsibility for our environmental impact by reducing the amount of packaging included in our orders. We choose repurposed, recyclable, and reusable materials and containers.

big picture: holistic wellness

We know that wellness is more than just face masks and scented candles.

Building a self care routine is a series of small, daily habits that support nourishment on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

We share simple, healthy recipes on our blog and use our Monthly Newsletter to share playlists, thoughtful podcasts, book lists, and other resources we find nourishing.

The one that started it all

Honey Tobacco Candle

Honey Tobacco Candle