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Honey Tobacco is our bread + butter: a fragrance that weaves sensuality, comfort, and allure into one

Wildwood is reminiscent to taking a walk through the Pacific North West rain forest on a dewey day. The benefits are revitalizing, grounding, calming, and comforting

Refresh is our invigorating, uplifting, and cleansing scent with essential oils of mint, blood orange, and eucalyptus

Rise Tea brings calm clarity and sustained energy for your day with notes of ginger, lemon and tulsi

Calm Tea
is grounding, comforting and sweet with notes of cinnamon, orange and chamomile

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Coming soon

eau de parfum

Long awaited + highly requested : Honey Tobacco eau de parfum is the maturation of our signature scent.

This will evolve with you through the day, working with your natural oils to shift into a truly unique expression that becomes deeply personal.

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We value clean ingredients so our fragrance blend is vegan and phthalate free. The rest of our ingredients are minimal and simple, AKA: you can read the full list in under 3 seconds and pronounce all of them.

In support of:
We are donating a portion of profits from this product to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. They are a feminist organization committed to ending sexualized violence through healing, education, and prevention. Their dedication is to support women and all Trans survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse through advocacy, counselling, and empowerment. 

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Red Velvet Muffins

Red Velvet Muffins

Adding chocolate to beets is some sort of wizardry because the beet taste just disappears and you’re left with a red velvety, decadent dessert. 

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A note from Britt

About us

Picot (pronounced pee-koe) is a lifestyle and wellness brand committed to our values of simplicity, quality, and community. We create products that feel nourishing and support grounding in everyday routines.

When we opened our brick & mortar in 2015, we sold a curation of handmade textiles, ceramics, natural skincare, jewelry, teas, art, and hosted art openings for our wall of rotating features.

I realized that I wanted something amongst these locally made products that was our own. With careful consideration, we created the "Honey Tobacco" scent for a line of candles and then shortly afterwards we had customers telling us that they loved it so much that they would...

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A New Year's Ritual

A New Year's Ritual

I'm not really into resolutions. Partly because I rarely stick to them beyond a couple of weeks, but mostly because I've been doing something else ...

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