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Honey Tobacco eau de parfum

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The Honey Tobacco eau de parfum is our high-quality, non-toxic fragrance.

Smells like:

  • Cozy, alluring, sensual, and unique.
  • To be more literal, it smells like a blend of deep vanilla and men’s cologne. 
  • This will evolve with you through the day, working with your natural oils to shift into a truly unique expression that becomes deeply personal.


- 30ml glass bottle with a matte-black metal pump + lid.
- Handmade in Canada, we source high-quality, vegan ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks.

In support of:

We are donating a portion of the profits from this product to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

We're all about

Taking good care

We live this through our ingredients, formulations, packaging, and customer service.

- plant-based, organic, and non-toxic ingredients

- mindful formulation processes

- minimal packaging and re-usable containers

- jar exchange and refill program

Clean Burning Candles

Our candles are free from petroleum and phthalates. We use a blend of coconut, soy and beeswax to ensure a safer and cleaner burning candle.
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