Honey Tobacco Candle by Picot Collective

Honey Tobacco?

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“After smelling the Honey Tobacco candle in the store, I Immediately bought one. After bringing it home I was so in love with the aroma I went back to purchase the Roll On the next day! I work in a ‘scent sensitive’ environment and the roller gives me just enough fragrance to enjoy for myself without overpowering those nearby.”

Liv Uda

The Honey Tobacco Roll-on was one of the first scents I had to wear everyday! I’d bring it to Vancouver, leave it with a friend who loved it, and then go buy another! Great for any season and any part of the day!

Erin McCoy

“The roll-on keeps me happy all day long- a little dab on each wrist, behind my ears, on the decolletage, behind the knees….really its too yummy to be moderate!! It’s an obsession of the best kind!”

Kathy Humphrey

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