honey tobacco?

No, it doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Not even close. We’ve named it for our custom blend of fragrance that is sweet yet deep and evokes a feeling of comfort and sensuality for your home and body. It's the creator's blend that is reminiscent of vanilla, honey and men's cologne. 


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Picot Collective ( pee-koe) started as a little shop in Fernwood in 2015 as a way to highlight and support the makers community in Victoria BC. In the early days, we sold a curation of handmade textiles, ceramics, natural skincare, jewelry, teas, art, and hosted art openings for our wall of rotating features.

In the early days, I realized that I wanted something amongst these locally made products that was our own and I thought that it would be an easy reminder for people to come back to our shop. So we created the "Honey Tobacco" scent for a line of candles, and then shortly afterwards we had customers telling us that they loved it so much that they would...

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