Hand Sanitizer - Peppermint, Blood Orange & Eucalyptus


You know when you leave the house and you pat down your pockets and check with yourself "phone, wallet, keys" (insert other necessities here)?

Well, hand-sanitizer is now on that list and here to stay. I hope it's ours that you bring along for the ride. We won't leave your hands sticky and gross, and this will rub in within seconds so you can go about your business of touching things. 

Formulated with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol (65% v/v), distilled water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, essential oils of Blood Orange, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. This product will be available in a 50ml glass bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Penny Y.
Love it!

Love the smell, I also spray it around doors for spiders..works well

Janice R.
Nice Change

So nice to use a hand sanitizer that has a pleasant scent, especially as it is now part of our daily lives.

Judy M.
hand sanitizer-Peppermint blood orange and eucaluptus

Very fragrant - easy to use.

Jan S.

Smells amazing, too!

Olivia B.
Best sanitizer to date

This stuff smells amazing!! I work at a homeless shelter and it works so well in a work and casual setting. My boyfriend and coworkers love it. Definitely will be reordering :)

Kassondra L.

My absolute favourite

Adrienne E.
I'm sold

I very much dislike the smell and texture of gel hand sanitizer, so I was looking forward to trying this spray. Britt nailed it with this one! The spray is super easy to apply and it smells amazing once it dries. I bought a couple extra to give as gifts and I'm glad I did!

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