Honey Tobacco Mist | Hair, Home & Body


The Honey Tobacco hair, home & body mist is the most versatile option in the line. For those of you who love the scent but don't use products on your skin, now you can spray this in your hair and waft it around with you. 

Use it year round, this is the best smelling hair and body product you'll find. We even have customers tell us that it's their go-to room spray

  • 50 ml glass bottle = Travel-Friendly

Ingredients: filtered water, Honey Tobacco Fragrance*, Polysorbate 20 (solubilizer)

The scent was inspired by the creator's love for a blend of sweet vanilla and her affinity for wearing her brother's cologne when she was younger. 

This custom fragrance is made in Victoria BC and sold in boutiques all across Canada. The Honey Tobacco fragrance is available as scented candles, roll-on fragrance, body butter, and a mist for hair home and body. Vegan and phthalate-free. 


Customer Reviews

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Loving it!

It's really different, but I like it very much. It's subtle and sweet with a hint of 'somethin' (which is obviously the tobacco). I put just a bit on and I feel like I smell really good but it's not perfumey so as to not bother the folks with allergies. I'm really enjoying it.

Always Fabulous

This product is one of our favourites.
Light mist , gorgeous fragrance !
Vegan and cruelty free.
Supporting local always a good thing.

Amazing scent 💗

By far my favourite product. However, I go through it super fast as I use it as both as a body and home spray.
Scent is so comforting and light.
As much as I want to share with friends & family. I prefer to keep it my little secret!

Home deodorizer

Maybe not the dream when the picot team developed it - but living in a small apartment with animals, this has become my go-to room deodorizer. Carpets, pillows & just general litter box nonsense is so much more tolerable when you no longer have to spray tropical smelling bathroom sprays that come on too strong & make your house smell sickly.

Beautiful scent

This mist is what my dreams are made of. Never have comforts been more needed than this year, and this is one scent that has become my signature "dress up" move. Thank you!

So gooooood!

I’ve been spraying this mist all over my home and loving it! The scent is really unique and cozy. The size of the bottle is awesome to pop into your handbag and a little goes a long way. What are you waiting for? 😊

Honey Tobacco mist

I loved the scent and I am immediately transported back to happy childhood times.

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