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Honey Tobacco Candle

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Our Honey Tobacco Candles are handmade in Canada with our custom, non-toxic fragrance and a blend of coconut and soy wax. 

Honey Tobacco Smells Like:
Cozy, alluring, sensual, and unique. To be more literal, it smells like a blend of deep vanilla and men’s cologne. We have 5-Star reviews on our Honey Tobacco blend. 

  • Available in light (sand) or dark (slate) labels, and with an option for a wood wick if you want more of a cozy, flickering sound. To say less; it doesn’t get more ambient than this.

Reusable and minimal packaging:

Our candles are in burn-safe glass with a black metal lid. They are reusable and easy to re-purpose at home or recycle. 

Caring for your candle

  • 50-60 hours of burn time in 8oz, 20-30 hours in 4oz.
  • Never let your candle burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Let your candle burn to the edges for the first burn, and if you trim the wick to about 1/4" before each subsequent burn


Customer Reviews

Based on 364 reviews
Montserrat S.
Great candle

This candle makes my home so cozy i have them in every room !!

erica f.
Love it

Love this candle. Best gift

All time Fav!

I can’t get enough. Whenever this candle is on its last burn, I must purchase another. This cozy scent leaves me craving home.

Pepper M.
My favorite scented candle!!

The Honey Tobacco candle fills a room with soft alluring scents. I absolutely love it anywhere and everywhere in my home including unlit with the lid off in my closet which will leave a beautiful scent on my clothing. This scent is for anyone and everyone and is very addicting…..

Lisa R.

A favourite of many friends & family. Wonderful for gift giving. Gorgeous scent!


Arrived very quickly. Unique and warm scent. Very lovely! It is a bit more of a perfume like smell. I would love to see picot do a more natural candle scent.

Another option for the best scent ever!

I am in love with this scent-it's the only one I ever use so I definitely appreciate having it in another form as well!