Honey Tobacco Crystal Roller


Honey Tobacco fragrance that you can roll on (with a crystal rollerball!) anywhere you go. 

A little goes a long way with this 10ml roll-on fragrance oil. Some of our customers say that their's lasts up to or longer than a year! This is our #1 best seller for a reason. 

 Ingredients: coconut oil, Honey Tobacco fragrance*, crystal rollerball

The crystals are beautiful and become reminders of compassion, intuition, love, creativity, healing, empowerment, or relaxation.

  • Brief Description of crystal meanings and reminders:

Rose Quartz: love, ease & healing
Amethyst: calm, clarity and intuition
Green Aventurine: confidence and trust in yourself when making a decision or change
Orange Calcite: creativity, positivity, and letting go of anything that doesn't support that
Lapis Lazuli: build self-awareness and connect to your spirituality

Click here for a full description of the meanings and healing properties of each crystal.

-A note about the stones: each one is unique, therefore the coloring will be slightly different than the ones in the photo. Although the crystals have energetic benefits, they are not intended to heal or cure illness-

*Custom fragrance blend by Picot Collective. Vegan, phthalate free, nitro musk free, Prop 65 compliant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
the best scent!

Love the candle and the roll-on scent..Delicious!

Honey Tobacco Crystal Roller

This is my absolute favourite!!!! The smell is divine. It’s warm and cozy and sensual. Please don’t ever stop making this!!

A Hygge Experience

Dear Britt,
I recently purchased the Picot Honey Tobacco Roll On, The Mist and The Candle and I am delighted with the warm and pleasant scents that envelopes my home and my body. The roll on has an unique scent that reminisces me of fond memories of coziness and comfort.
Thank you for the efficient delivery of Picot products and wishing you much success with your business.

Honey tobacco crystal roller

Unique and pleasing smell. Not too sweet or musky. Wears all day. Just need a little roll !

Honey Tobacco Chrystal Roller Ball

Amazing and entirely unique! Definitely would order again!!


The perfect blend of sweetness. Such a calm, comforting scent! I have tried both the Honey Tobacco roller and spray. Each are wonderful! I go through the spray quite quickly, as I use as a body/hair & home mist. The Roller lasts forever! I have 3 different crystal rollers...In the car, my bag and home.
A reed diffuser would be AMAZING! ;) ;)

Amazing scent!

This scent is delicious...I now have the spray, the roller and the candle because I love it SO much

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