Honey Tobacco Mist | Hair, Home & Body


The Honey Tobacco hair, home & body mist is the most versatile option in the line. For those of you who love the scent but don't use products on your skin, now you can spray this in your hair and waft it around with you. 

Use it year round, this is the best smelling hair and body product you'll find. We even have customers tell us that it's their go-to room spray

  • 50 ml glass bottle = Travel-Friendly

Ingredients: filtered water, Honey Tobacco Fragrance*, Polysorbate 20 (solubilizer)

The scent was inspired by the creator's love for a blend of sweet vanilla and her affinity for wearing her brother's cologne when she was younger. 

This custom fragrance is made in Victoria BC and sold in boutiques all across Canada. The Honey Tobacco fragrance is available as scented candles, roll-on fragrance, body butter, and a mist for hair home and body. Vegan and phthalate-free. 


Customer Reviews

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Larry T.
Honey Tobacco - Yes

It was a gift for my moms 92nd Birthday and she has loved it since my daughter discovered it in Victoria. I Personally don’t do scents but even I like it. Thanks

Amanda I.
Delicious smell but tastes yuck on skin/lips

Adore this scent. I grabbed the mist along with other items in my order, thinking I’d love to give myself a quick spritz on-the-go to freshen up with my very fav scent. However, the mist is pretty horrible tasting on one’s skin…. So I wouldn’t recommend it for a face mist (taste was terrible on my lips), nor a body mist *if* someone is going to be kissing or otherwise intimately tasting one’s skin in any way! It’s also over-priced for a misting spray, compared to the other honey tobacco items at a similar price. But I love it and have switched to using it as a hair mist or spritz over clothing as a freshening up instead 🌼 if candles, perfume or hand cream ain’t your thing but you want this scent, this is your route to go.

The mist is my fave!

I have the roller, mist, and body butter and the mist is my very favourite way to use this fragrance!

Michelle O.
Another Win with this Spray

As someone who has the bath scrub, roller ball, and body butter, it was only right for the next product to be the HT spray. And it does not disappoint! Absolutely in love with this spray! I use it as a hair mist and the scent lasts ALL day and I get so many compliments!

Shannon S.
Favourite scent ever!!!

My mom and I both ordered a month ago and we loved the product so much we ordered again to double up. We have products from this company in our house, our cars, our purses. Absolutely amazing smelling, great products.

Brenna T.
Love it

I don’t know what else to say, except it’s a very sexy smell ❤️

Lori S.

I’m absolutely in love with this scent. I purchased this body spray while I was visiting Victoria, and I was so happy it was available online! I get so many compliments on this!

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