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Honey Tobacco Mist | Hair, Home & Body

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The Honey Tobacco Hair, Home & Body mist is the most versatile option in the line. For those of you who love the scent but don't use products on your skin, enjoy using this in your hair or to quickly scent a room.

Honey Tobacco is our non-toxic fragrance. Handmade in Canada, we source high-quality, vegan ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks.

Smells like:

  • Cozy, alluring, sensual, and unique.
  • To be more literal, it smells like a blend of honey, deep vanilla, and men’s cologne.
  • This will evolve with you through the day, working with your natural oils to shift into a truly unique expression that becomes deeply personal.
  • Available in light (sand) or dark (slate) labels. The same scent, choose your aesthetic.

Scent Strength: 3/5

  • Stronger than the Honey Tobacco Fragrance Roller, lighter than the Body Butter and eau de parfum.


Filtered water, Honey Tobacco Fragrance*, Polysorbate 20 ( emulsifier) 


50 ml glass bottle = Travel-Friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
A Classic

I have repurchased this too many times to count! It’s an amazing scent and will always be my go to, it’s also a great unisex scent and my partner will wear it if he runs out of cologne. If you’re considering it, trust me, just do it.

Susan T.
Must have Mist

One of my favourite Picot products. Of course I love the Honey Tobacco scent. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love this after shower on the nape of my neck and under my hair for that great smell and makes me feel ready for my day.

Eva S.
Great for body or room!

I absolutely love this versatile spray. It smells amazing!

Sophie K.
The perfect cold weather scent

Love this scent so much, It’s the perfect scent for every day in the fall/winter. Lasts all day long and it noticeable without being too over powering.

Heather G.
Love all their products

Candles, room spray, perfume - this is one of my favourite scents. I like the lightness of this one, and it's lovely on your pillow at the end of a day!

Montserrat S.
My favourite scent

Best scent ever just like the body butter and perfume last all day !!

Honey Tobacco Everywhere All The Time

Subtle but so much impact - great for adding a little fragrance to my whole house!