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Rise: Green Tea Blend

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Our Rise Green Tea blend is the perfect alternative to coffee. Get the perks without the jitters, while enjoying the minty taste of ginger and lemon.

Want to feel a steady momentum in your day? The combination of lemon, mint, and green tea will give you all the pep you need while the adaptogen tulsi (holy basil) counteracts daily stress. Grab your favorite mug and put the kettle on. Add this to your morning routine and/or around 2 or 3 pm when your energy begins to wane. Inhale, exhale. Sip & Savour

  - 16oz - Makes about 35 tbsp of tea

Tastes like:
refreshing mint, lemon and subtle hint of ginger


holy basil - Ocimum sanctum

ginger - Zingiber officinale

mint - Mentha piperita

lemon - Citrus limon

green tea - Camellia sinensis


* caution with gallstones, GERD or hiatus hernia. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary, please consult a competent medical practitioner with any health concerns. 

Blended for us by Survivewell Teas in Sooke, BC

Customer Reviews

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Leah P.

Cheerful cup of green tea! Love the ginger flavour backing the mint and lemon.

Scrumptious and refreshing

This tea is a bright infusion for the morning. A real delight to enjoy. I love a good mint tea, and this one will rev you up and chill you out with the holy basil, green and ginger.

lori p.
No title

This is a Christmas present so I cannot review yet. Thanks

Tasha Z.

Just the right amount of ginger and mint. I look forward to it every afternoon.


delicious and refreshing with a great boost of energy in the morning

Michael N.

I want to drink it all and not infuse it into the Vodka, lol but im excited to use it in a video this week for #acocktailaday. Thanks so much for your support

Deborah C.
Love these products!

Delicious tea and lovely candle, can't wait to share with clients, friends and family!