The "why" behind this lifestyle blog

The "why" behind this lifestyle blog

Dec 17, 2015Britt Buntain

About a year and a half ago, maybe two, I began writing a little blog for myself and then eventually thought "what the heck", and pushed "publish". Honestly I didn't think that would turn out to be an invitation for discussion, feedback, and connection. I really had cathartic intentions of just getting some clutter out of my head. It turned out to be an opportunity to connect and share thoughts and experiences with others, that to my surprise, are not so unique. And I think thats what I find so rewarding about the writing process anyways, is that we all think we suffer from this terminal uniqueness that turns out to be a complete facade. That my struggles, my complexities and total weirdness, my defeats and my fears, my limitations and my so-called lacking, is different that yours. What I've learnt is very simple: that's bullshit. Every single one of us experiences those thoughts and emotions, and whether it's bubbling at the surface or lurking in the depths of how we show up in the world, we long to express ourselves honestly, wholly, genuinely, and creatively. What comes from those expressions is magic. 

So, in the long, arduous and jagged path of building Picot (which will be a story to tell later down the road), what I know is this: we must share. We must connect and offer our triumphs, struggles and lessons along the way because that is what unites us, and offers a light of inspiration when it seems like all the dimmer switches are on low or flat-out broken. 

I am an extremely curious person and my curiosities tend to favour the things we cannot see. The people behind a business, the family and histories behind a person. The synchronicities that connect us to understanding our lives and each other. The beauty in something that exists because of a darkness or a struggle. The clarity you gain because something was difficult or damn near destructive. I am curious about what drives people and how they handle the pressures of life, and what they do with it afterwards. I genuinely believe that there are magnificent things that come out of someone when they are sparked with a huge plot twist. 

So my intention is this:
1-Start a blog- CHECK. 
2- Interview people on fear, creativity, providence, and passion, and offer that guidance out into this small little virtual world- CHECK
3- See what happens.

Thanks for following along, and if you can think of someone who would be great for the blog, please send me an email at:

Up next: My interview with Shannon Munro

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