A visit from Partwork

A visit from Partwork

Feb 27, 2016Britt Buntain


"The first thing I notice is the woven wall hangings. They are composed of soft textures with natural earthy colours, perfect in their imperfections. The owner of Picot Collective, Britt Buntain, is leaning over the front desk when I come in, working away at some paperwork.

The store is warm and inviting. Soft, neutral-coloured handmade products cover the shelves. Leather, clay, and metal are prominent all over the store. From the ceramic mugs and bowls, by Barter, Hands on Clay Collective, and Deb Taylor, to the lush leather of Leo Lebel and Market Canvas, every product Buntain supplies is curated to reflect a level of quality and taste"....

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 Thank you Natasha & the Partwork team for featuring Picot, sitting to chat with me  and taking this beautiful video! 

Partwork Magazine is an online source for the life and style of Victoria. 

Partwork Magazine and Picot

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