A Guide to Crystals in The Honey Tobacco Roller

A Guide to Crystals in The Honey Tobacco Roller

Apr 09, 2018Britt Buntain


Here's a quick reference guide for choosing the right Honey Tobacco Crystal Roller! These may sound like qualities that you want to remember on a daily basis, during a certain time in life, or maybe there are a few qualities listed that you think of for a friend. Either way, they speak to the experiences of being human and can support you as gentle and incredible smelling reminders of what you are looking to bring into your life.


Honey TObacco Crystal Rollers and their meanings


All descriptions have been sourced from Energy Muse-


Amethyst - calm, clarity, intuition -
Colour: light and deep purple

Use Amethyst as a reminder to bring a greater sense of calm and clarity to your life. It can enhance your cognizance of contentment, which makes it a great stone for meditation. Tap into your intuition and reveal insightful solutions to problems.   



Green Aventurine  -confidence and trust during a time of change -
Colour: light to bright green

Known as the stone of personal growth, this stone is helpful when you are making a change in your life that requires confidence and trust. It can be used as an aid when working through stagnant emotions and release stuck energy so that you can move forward in a new way.


Lapis Lazuli - self-awareness, spiritual connection -  
Colour: royal blue with gold (pyrite) flecks

Lapis reminds you to connect back to your spirit and awaken your divine purpose. Its known as a healing stone in that it bring harmony, deep knowledge, and shines a light on your soul.



Orange Calcite - positive outlook, letting go, enhanced creativity-
Colour: sunset orange

Orange Calcite is a reminder to dissolve creative blocks by shifting your focus and bringing new energy into your passions. By bringing joy and creativity into your life, healing will follow. Leave behind what no longer serves you and move forward in your endeavors with playfulness, confidence, and courage


rose quartz meaning honey tobacco picot collective crystal rollerRose Quartz  - love, ease, releasing toxic emotions -
Colour: light to deep pink

See the world through rose-tinted glasses by tapping into the universal love of rose quartz. This stone will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need—whether it’s self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity or romantic love. As a flush of compassion, happiness, forgiveness and peace pulses through you, rose quartz will assist you in ease your grip on toxic emotions. With this sense of release, your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity.


Red Jasper strength, vitality, courage -
Colour:  deep rust; r
eddish orange

With a nickname of the "stabilizer", you can be sure to count on this for strength, energy, vitality, and courage to support you when stress levels are high. It's said to nurture the mind and ease anxiety so that you can handle and approach problems with creative solutions. 


Sodalite - Self-acceptance and trust in stressful times-
Colour: Blue with white marbling

This harmony inducing stone reestablishes the connection between the higher mind and the body, releasing the fears and tensions held in both. Working with Sodalite can provide you insight into the self, helping you to take a deeper look at your strengths, weaknesses and your desires and goals to bring balance.




Source: Energy Muse





-A note about the stones: each one is unique, therefore the coloring will be slightly different than the ones in the photo. Although the crystals have energetic benefits, they are not intended to heal or cure illness-

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