Gifts of Kindness to Share This Christmas

Gifts of Kindness to Share This Christmas

Dec 15, 2016Arielle Moore

There are few feelings as heart warming as receiving a gift that you know has been well thought out and individual to you. This time of year brings flurry and stress to buying the “right” gift, but what if you gave the gift of time? The gift of conversation? The gift of support?

Start a new holiday tradition this year: Give gifts of kindness.

Here are five of my favorite gift of kindness ideas to get you thinking outside the box, and to get you to think beyond the monetary value of your treats wrapped under the tree.

  1.     Compile a jar of notes from your recipient’s favorite people. Reach out to old friends, family, and perhaps new acquaintances, to write a kind note to your recipient.
  2.     Give the gift of support. Make a commitment to your friend or loved one to support them in achieving a goal over the next year.
  3.     Remind someone of a fabulous place. Discover the coordinates of a place you share with your friend or loved ones and have them engraved on a piece of jewelry or special token.
  4.     Let someone know you care. Create a personalized care package. Whether it’s a bad day, a brutal cold, or just a day in need of a little pick me up, we can all appreciate having our favorite things around. Think of what would make you smile on a tough day, then create that feeling for someone in your life.
  5.     Plan a trip. Whether that is a picnic 20 minutes away, or an epic road trip map coupled with a burnt CD and snacks, pick an adventure that gives your recipient something to look forward to.  

Can you think of a gift of kindness you will be giving this year?

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