Our top playlists to inspire 5 states of well being

Our top playlists to inspire 5 states of well being

Dec 03, 2022Britt Buntain

Similar to scents, sound is something that can alter a mood, evoke a feeling or a memory, and completely transform a space or mind state. According to doctors at the CDC, well being can be describes as "judging life positively and feeling good" through the integration of mental and physical health. Over the years I have made some playlists that have accompanied my yoga practice, bike rides, walks, focusing at work, and simply enjoying some down time. 

We have a playlist to inspire a few feel-good states of well being: 

1- Grounded, calming, introspective
2- Uplifting, pleasant, steady, joyful
3- Optimistic, moving through challenges and then settling into stillness
4- Focused, clear, get shit done, feel accomplished
5- New growth, uncertainty, curious, and powerful

Bonus New Playlist: Ambient and Optimistic 

*These were chosen as the top 5 based solely on the amount of saves that our followers have given them. We agree that these are the best. 

picot collective playlists 

You know when you're watching a movie and there's an absolutely perfect song that completely makes the scene? If my days had a soundtrack, there are songs that accompany me every morning, help me focus with work, get me up a really big hill on my bike, set the tone for my workouts, or transform a mundane neighbourhood walk into that right time, right place, feeling. Conversely, put me in a scenario with really fast and loud techno, metal, or Nickelback, and I'll flee the scene before I can even begin to explain why. Music has the instant ability to instantly uplift, inspire, calm, and even irritate. 

I often think of playlists as how they make me feel, more than they sound. I'm quite a sensitive person with some pretty big feelings and I've used music as a way to shift or bolster the energy that I want to sustain. 

I started teaching yoga in 2011 and got very serious about the playlists I would make for each class. I would time the songs down to the minute of knowing which posture we would be in and paired it with the right intensity, playfulness, or focus that I wanted to infuse. As a practitioner, music helps me connect even deeper to the movements and breath work, so thats the place that I teach from.

I started sharing these playlists every month in our newsletter, and while our Spotify following is modest, I'm just pleased that anyone likes them enough to keep listening and opening our newsletters for the next one. 

Here are our top 5 playlists and the feelings of well being I intended to inspire when I made them:

1: Grounded, calming, introspective

Music For Slowing Down

Peaceful, grounding, and soothing. Best enjoyed this first thing in the morning, or as you start your wind-down routine before bed. I also lean into this for a focused work day or when I want to turn the grocery store into a more enjoyable place.

music for slowing down playlist by picot

2: Uplifting, pleasant, steady, joyful:

Early Mornings

For sunrises, morning pages, and your first cups of coffee. Whether you have some downtime in your morning routine or you simply want to evoke a steady, pleasant, and focused state to begin the day. This is for you. 

Early Morning playlist to start the day by picot collective

3: Optimistic, moving through challenges and then settling into stillness:

Stretch and Strengthen

Childs pose- sun salutations-lunge sequence-warrior sequence-vinyasa flow-side planks-high planks. Deep hip + Heart openers, spine and core strengtheners. Deep, meditative rest.

60 minute energizing playlist for Yoga stretch and strength by Picot Collective

4: Focused, clear, get shit done, feel accomplished

Work Mode

Tune this in and everyone else out. This is a motivating playlist that will give you the energy to move through a sprint at work or whatever else needs a good vibe and pep in your step. Designed with an arc- one full hour of energy to get going and settles into calmer more focused energy to complete.

Music for working out or WFH by Picot Collective

5: New growth, uncertainty, curious, and powerful: 

C'mon 2022

Kitchen Dance parties, crisp bike rides, and enthusiastic home workouts. Hot Tip:  Try holding different variations of plank for the entirety of the first song 💪🏼

Kitchen Dance Parties, enthusiastic home work outs and crisp bike riding music by Picot Collective

Bonus playlist: 

Ambient + Optimistic.
It's a vibe and the title says it all. 

ambient and optimistic playlist by picot collective

Click here to view all our playlists on Spotify and stay tuned through our newsletter for monthly releases! 

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