Pet Proof House Plants

Pet Proof House Plants

Jul 27, 2016Arielle Moore

One of my best friends recently adopted a rescue cat. And his name is Napoleon, and he's the cutest thing I've ever seen, but he's a handful! Oh Napoleon, you fur-ball of fury. Napoleon also loves to eat plants. All plants. Meaning she's had to re-evalute her entire house plant situation because of this guy. So little Napoleon, this is for you!

There are plenty of plants that can be poisonous to our pets. So be careful when choosing greenery for your home, especially if you know your pets enjoy treating your living room like a salad bar. These plants below however, are pet friendly.

image via fresh flower co

Pearl Plant: These unique crawling plants are actually succulents. We love them because they grow so easily and freely. Cascading or crawling plants are a great way to add variety to your houseplant collection.

image via old brand new

Pony Tail Palm: I hate to say it but there's even plants out there with more good hair days than me! Pony tail palms are such a unique plant, they make a great focal point or accent in your home and they're pet-approved!

Spider Plant: We all already have one of these so I don't even need to say very much.

Succulents: Rest assured, your succulents and you pets can live in harmony together! Most succulents will not harm your pets but if you're uncertain, check for the specific name of your plant.

Boston Fern: these plants like indirect light and high humidity and If you take good care of them, they will take good care of you! They are one of the best plants for purifying air.

Air Plants: One of the easiest plants to take care of, and least messy. We love air plants because they can be used to decorate basically anywhere you please! And only need to be given a drink about once a week or so.

Zebra Plant: These cat-safe plants are beautiful! and if your treat them right, they'll even flower.

african violet house plant

image via: a garden for the house

African Violet: A cute flowering plant to bring a bit of cheer indoors! It's incredible that there are so many varieties and styles to choose from with african violets. 

Varigated Wax Plant: lots of indirect sun and a north window will keep these plants looking beautiful! Wax plants are relatively easy to care for especially when you consider how exotic they look!

If there's plants you can't bear to part with but you still worry about your furry family member, consider placing them in hanging planters, or on high shelves your cat can't access. Placing plants somewhere you don't ever have to think about animals being able to get to is the best way to relieve that stress of what your pets are doing when you're gone. 

Do you have a favourite pet-friendly house plant? Share in the comments, we'd love to hear!

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