Mothers Day Gift Guide By Picot

Picot's Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 09, 2017Rachael Willson
1. Triangle Handle Mug // 2. Flower Subscription (More Links Below)// 3. Woven Throw Blanket / Honey Tobacco Soy Candle // 4. Handmade "Coupons" // 5. Aromatherapy Roll Ons
Mother's Day is quickly approaching (May 14th) and we know how hard it is to think of creative gift ideas for the lovely mothers in your life. This gift guide is filled with 5 simple ways to make every mom happy. 

1.  A Ceramic Mug Filled With Her Favourite Tea //

There is something special about sipping tea or coffee from a ceramic mug. Fill the beautiful mug with some of your mother's favourite tea and you've got a perfect gift set!
We really love the simplicity of the Hands On Clay Collective's  Triangle Handle Mug. You can also check out the ceramics page of our website to find the perfect mug for her. (between $30-$40)
Hands on Collective Triangle Arm Mug in Chocolate Brown

2.  A Flower Subscription//

Did you know that floral companies offer bouquet subscriptions?! You can sign up either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly and a beautiful seasonal bouquet will be delivered to your mother's doorstep. How lovely would that be? I don't know any mother who wouldn't love that. 

Here are a couple local businesses we love that offer floral subscriptions:
+ Thorn and Thistle- This small business, run by the beautiful Alexandra and Nicole, focuses on vintage inspiration for their stunning bouquets. The company offers customizable weekly subscriptions based on any budget! Together, you can create the perfect monthly surprise for your Mother. 
Alicia's Florals- Alicia runs a floral business focusing on local sourcing of flowers and sustainable packaging. Her monthly flower subscriptions are often put together using her homegrown flowers and they are vibrant and beautiful. Sign up here for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flower subscription at all ranges of pricing. 
Floral Subscription Thistle and Wren Victoria BC

3. Something To Keep Her Cozy//

After a long day of motherhood, nothing is better than cozying up in a beautiful Woven Throw Blanket. We love these hand-woven blankets by Hecho and Co.. You can read more about this Vancouver based company in our recent interview with Henrieta and Sam.  (on sale for $120)
Hecho and Cho Woven Throw Blanket
Candles are the ultimate cozy essential. Your mother can enjoy the calming aromas of our Honey Tobacco Soy Candle while in the bath or cuddled up to a good book. This scent is a signature in our store, with hints of honey and musky tobacco, it leaves everyone wondering what smells so good. ($40)
Picot Honey Tobacco Soy Candle

4. A Handmade Coupon of Love//

I (Rachael) used to make these "coupon's of love" for my mom as a young kid, and I think they can be the sweetest handmade gift for mothers at any stage of life. Take some blank tags from any craft store or dollar store and write out a couple coupons you know your mom will love! Treat her to a week without dishes, or a mother daughter (or son) date. This gift is great if you don't have a lot of money to spend but you still want to show love to your deserving mother.

Here are some more ideas we think would be cute: 
This coupon is good for... 
- A 30 minute back massage
- A week free from laundry
- A big hug 
- A batch of your favourite cookies
- A car wash 
Homemade Mothers Day Coupons

5. An Aromatherapy Roll On//

Aromatherapy roll ons are a crowd favourite and are a great way for mothers to enjoy the benefits of essential oils on the go. These hand crafted blends of essential oils can be used to reduce stress, ease pain and tension, and even keep cold and flu symptoms at bay. Just have your mom roll some oil on her temples, the back of her neck, or on her wrists for the ultimate relaxation tool. 
Two blends we especially love for mamas:
Self Care// Picot Aromatherapy Roll On
With peppermint, lavender, thyme and chamomile essential oils, this roll on helps relieve stress and ease tension. This blend is especially helpful for headaches and muscle pains. 
Let It Go// Picot Aromatherapy Roll On
With sweet orange, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils, this roll on helps keep cold and flu symptoms at bay, clearing the sinuses and awakening your senses. 
Aromatherapy Roll Ons From Picot Fernwood Victoria
Pair each of these gift ideas with a handwritten card and you'll be sure to wow your mom this Mother's Day. 

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