Rise & Calm: a brief story behind creating the blends

Rise & Calm: a brief story behind creating the blends

Oct 18, 2019Britt Buntain

When I first opened my brick and mortar shop in 2015, I wasn't sure where things would go or what I had really signed myself up for. I did what any naive, first-time business owner did: I took a leap of faith and trusted that I could figure out whatever was going to land during the process. I don't say naive lightly, and I also think it was a necessary ingredient for me to have been so audacious to open a shop with no formal background in the industry. Zero regrets about it all now, but along the way, there were some very tough times. My waning health is what lead me to inevitably close the shop doors and transition the business solely online.

During the time that I was struggling to manage the impact that stress had on my health, I discovered that I had depleted my nervous system, went into adrenal fatigue, and the stress had caused so much inflammation that my resting autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto's, flared up in a way I had never experienced it before. I was told to quit coffee and drink holy basil (tulsi) tea in the morning and at 2 pm when I found myself waning with exhaustion. I didn't sleep in the evenings and the undercurrent of my anxiety was palpable. Chamomile tea, among other things, became a soothing evening ritual. A combination of switching to herbal teas and learning to set boundaries was a very effective and hopeful beginning to my healing. 

Now, I definitely drink coffee again and I still notice the nervous effects that it has on me.  I notice a change in my energy and ability to sustain that energy through the day when I switch over to tulsi and green tea. I'm not a herbalist (but I did consult one to create these) and I'm not a doctor, but I think that the benefits of tea and herbs are commonly known and easily Googleable. I'm not here to preach or teach these things, my intention is merely to share the personal story of how I came to expand the offerings that I have with Picot. I considered what would be a great compliment to lighting your candle, what rituals would be partnered with that. Maybe someday I can collaborate with others on a wine, a line of blankets, and full ceramic line... but that's down the road and a little dream that could still change. For now, I'm happy to offer these teas in hopes that you find comfort and nourishment in them through moments of your day. 

love, britt


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