#SHELFIE: More Retail Styling Techniques you can use at Home

#SHELFIE: More Retail Styling Techniques you can use at Home

Nov 03, 2016Arielle Moore

Remember when we chatted about using retail techniques to make your shelves look amazing? I've got even more tips to share! Use these techniques in conjunction with the ones from this post and you'll be a style guru!

kitchen shelf styling ODD NUMBERS we love odd numbers! Along the same vein as a three pointed triangle and a unique vignette, Gold star if you can use all these tips together! Odd numbers of things appear more natural, and less intentional. Which means your place looks great without looking like you tried!

In this kitchen styled by Crate and Barrel we have 3 plants, 3 copper pieces (in a triangle shape), 5 glass bottles and jars, and 1 pot. Not to mention a few triangles and vingettes.

height added to shelves

FILL YOUR SPACE Have high shelves? Fill them up! Negative space can be great, but only to an extent. To much and shelves can look empty, and items can look small. If you don't have tall items create stacks or "risers" out of other items: Books, baskets or crates can do wonders for adding height and interest to shelves by making displays multi-level.

In this Cabinet from Avenue, They've used blankets and textiles to add height to the shelves before adding in some deorative baskets. It fills that tall, vacant shelf without it looking over-styled or awkward.

Another great little reminder when redecorating is if your bookcases have move-able shelves, don't forget you can move them! Raise or lower as necessary. You'd be surprised how often one can forget this. 

bathroom styling PING PONG just play a lot of paddle sports. No, I'm totally kidding! Ping ponging is taking your eye from one place then directing it to an opposing space. Think of it as zig-zagging your items over rows of shelves. It's creating a line for your eye to follow that forces it to see the whole shelf, and not just pay attention to one side. It also creates balance. If everything on your bookcase sat on the left, and the right stood empty it would just look weird and out of proportion.

The shelving in Jaymee's bathroom is well ping ponged. The plants, wicker, and wire baskets are dispersed in a bit of a zig zag so they are well balanced and clean looking. 


I really hope you found these extra tips helpful It may seem like a lot to pay attention too, but with practice it comes naturally.  If you have any styling tips of your own, please share them in the comments!

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