6 ways to enjoy the Holidays in Victoria

6 ways to enjoy the Holidays in Victoria

Dec 10, 2017Amanda Burnette

Its been a while since I've written a blog post and I figured since there is so much going on this time of year I would share a few of my favourite things. The holidays are in full swing- you see it all over the place with event invites, decorated windows, string lights, gingerbread displays and a bustle of people downtown. In previous years I have not really loved the holidays... they always seemed a little stressful to be honest. This year, I'm taking a different approach; I'm embracing them. The Elvis Christmas album is in circulation, the rubber tree in our home is adorned with dingle-lights and strings of pom-poms, and I'm about to giggle along with the Griswalds as soon as I am done writing this blog post. 

Here are 6 things I love and want to share with you to enjoy this time of year:


1- Holiday Markets

Holiday Market at Sea Cider
Join us this weekend, December 16th & 17th from 11-5 - and you wont want to miss either day. We have different vendors each day for this indoor & outdoor event. This isn't just your same-ol holiday market. We are so happy to be working with the fine folks out at the beautiful farmhouse and orchard of Sea Cider to offer you a social and fun experience for holiday shopping this year. Have a glass (or a few) of cider, nibble on some warm snacks from Toque catering, and maybe even make a wreath if you're up for it. Check out more info here

2- Giveaways 

Everywhere you look on Instagram or Ellen, there are giveaways. 
I've partnered with a family-run company that I truly couldn't love more: KOOSHOO. 
Here's all the info you need to enter to win a Roll On & Travel Candle from us, and some other great gifts from Nourish Kitchen, HOLD., Sitka, Some of a Kind, Drift & Nest, Anian, Hendrick Lou, Wawaha, and of course, KOOSHOO. Seriously, do it. Entries are only open until this Thursday December 14th! 

3- Make time to play.

Cruise the gingerbread displays at the Laurel Point, or the Christmas Trees at the Empress. Head outdoors and find some snow to throw. Whatever it is, its fun to embrace your young and fun spirit this time of year. If you want to work your creative writing muscles, you can check out Danielle Pope's writing workshop that she's putting on this Thursday Night at our studio. 

4- Finding some down time

Spend time outdoors, 'Nog & Netlfix, or yoga... for me its so important to make sure I can actually slow down and enjoy this time of year rather than get too caught up in the busy-ness of it. 

My friends Maria Filippone, Katie Thacker and Carmen Spagnola are hosting a Winter Solstice yoga, mantra and intention setting yoga class at Uptown on December 21st from 7-9pm. I've got a lot of love and admiration for what each of these women do and I am pretty excited to see they are all collaborating together. See you there!  Check the event out here

 5- Winter Warming Recipes

Herbal Latte Mix Herbal Latte Mixes from Wholehearted Eats

I love Wholehearted Eats because Sophie is so creative with her recipes and they are organized like a menu on her website so its really easy to find something great to make. 

Chocolate Turtle Bites from One Part Plant

To be honest I don't need the holidays to make these... I make them on casual Tuesdays. *Insiders tip- use a mini-muffin tin rather than a baking sheet... less messy, more turtley. 

I found this website through Jessica Murnane's podcast, One Part Podcast. Check it out if you are looking for something new to listen to. 

6- Mistletoe. 

Hang it. 

 Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season

Love Britt

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