Iced Earl Grey + Coconut Milk Latte

Iced Earl Grey + Coconut Milk Latte

Jun 23, 2021Britt Buntain

I posted about this one hot morning in June and was thrilled to see so many people's interest pique over it. I had a strong craving for this one hot evening and planned ahead.

This is a really easy and refreshing drink to prep ahead of time for a few mornings and, my favourite part, a great way to reuse our candle jars! I keep my coconut milk in our 16oz jars and the honey water in the 8oz.  A bit of natural separation from the coconut milk can happen but it's no big deal. I've thought about throwing this in the blender for a frappe with more ice + coconut milk, so that could be an option here too! You do you.

Iced Earl Grey and coconut latte reusable candle jars


2 Earl Grey Tea Bags, I used Twinnings
3 tbsp honey
1 cup water
1 can coconut milk


- Steep 2 bags of earl grey tea in 1 litre hot water for 5-7 minutes. Remove tea bags and let cool in the fridge over night.

- Add 3 tbsp honey into 1 cup water in a pot and stir over the heat until honey is incorporated. Do not bring to boil, just heat and stir enough to blend honey into the water. Pour into jar and store in the fridge over night. 

〰️ the next morning 〰️

- Fill your glass with ice and top with cold tea about 3/4 full. Add spoonful or two of honey water and top with a splash of coconut milk. Stir to mix everything together. Some coconut flecks are expected.
- reserve the rest of your coconut milk in a separate jar and you should have enough for the week now!

Ideally, enjoy early in the morning sun 🌞

Iced Earl Grey Tea and Coconut Milk Latte


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