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Wildwood Mist | Hair, Home & Body

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Our Wildwood scent is inspired by walking through the lush woods in BC, refined for the allure of a personal scent that is musky and woodsy without being overpowering.

predominately woodsy which typically gets associated with "masculine", but we firmly believe this is a gender-neutral scent. Your natural oils will allow it to shift and evolve, personalizing it just for you. 

Our favourite ways to enjoy it:

- Spritz to invigorate your steamy shower and breathe in deeply
- Mist over the linens in your bedroom
- Keep at your front entry-way to invite a calm and alluring scent into your home
- Mist in your hair to bring out a natural wave and distribute a subtle scent
- Keep it in your gym bag to freshen up on the go

Ingredients: distilled water, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier). Essential
oils: benzoin, black spruce, ho wood, fir, blue tansy, turmeric CO2, vetiver,

Specifications: 100 ml, frosted glass bottle with black lid


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Debra K.

Have always loved Honey Tobacco in a fragrance. Decided to try Wildwood and it is amazing too. Two new favourites! I purchased the room mister in both and love them!!! Thank you.

Asya I.
Lovely unisex fragrance

This is a very approachable scent, I wish it came in the perfume format so it could last longer. It’s somewhat similar to Honey Tobacco but less warm, more suitable for summer probably. It smells like a walk in a fir or cedar forest. It’s lovely, I use it daily. It stays very close to skin.

Eda C.
Love love love wildwood

Amazing scent. First tried it in diffuser form and immediately thought… I need more! I want to smell like this. Love that it is available as a mist and hoping to not only see it as a roller, but also maybe, just maybe, as a perfume?! One that lasts all day long would be greatly appreciated :)

"transporting" wildwood hair/home/body spray

i love it. close your eyes and inhale and you are in the forest. it is delicate and yet layered. i wish the scent it would last longer in the room.

Use this in the shower!

I keep this in my bathroom and love to use it in the shower with the steam!!

Kim M.
Absolutely love everything I ordered.

I love all the fragrances. My favourite is the Honey Tobacco.

Lovely scent

Warm and earthy. Very happy with this product!