What Arielle will be Eating and Drinking at Fernwood Bites

What Arielle will be Eating and Drinking at Fernwood Bites

Jun 10, 2016Arielle Moore

Fernwood Bites is only a few weeks away! Considering all that delicious food and drink is only a step away from our front door, we are already getting excited for what's to come. How many dinners can a girl get away with in one evening? We'll find out Sunday June 19th! 

It's hard to believe this will be seventh time this event will be filling our little square! 22 food vendors and 15 beverage presenters will be lining the bricks outside Picot and the surrounding Fernwood businesses, tempting us with delicious morsels all evening long.

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With this much delicious food to look forward to it's only safe to go in with a game plan. Yes, a ticket allows you to enjoy everything at the festival, but we've created ourselves a menu of sorts, complete with our favourites as well as some establishments we've yet to try. Consider it our perfect Victoria meal. It's not every day all your favourite restaurants are in one spot!

  • Let's start off with an appetizer from either Be Love or the Hot and Cold Cafe. Something fresh, and full of nourishment, with true Victoria flavour. 
  • As a first course we're tempted by something from The Salt and Pepper Fox, much love to them for delivering lunch right to our store when hunger strikes! If we're lucky they'll be offering their Kale Caesar on Sunday.
  • For a Main, we have to choose Nourish Kitchen and Cafe. We understand they can't bring their beautiful dining room along with them but we dream! More whole, seasonal produce, with something perfectly roasted or sautéed, leaving us wih just enough room for dessert.
  • Dessert, yes dessert, the most anticipated part of our incredible city-spanning meal! Let's be honest, we'll have one of everything! Bon Macaron, Origin Gluten-Free Bakery, Yonni's Doughnuts, shall we go on? All with a Cornerstone coffee please!
  • And then there's beverages. We're hoping the sun will shine all evening so we can enjoy a refreshing Summer Seasonal from Hoyne Brewery or a Merridale Cider. But a hot tea from Silk Road is just fine with us too! 

If this list of delicious bites isn't already enough to be excited about, all the proceeds for this delicious event go right back into the Fernwood community! The Fernwood NRG provides some much-needed amenities such as affordable housing, childcare, art and cultural events, food security and family support services. Fernwood Bites is truly an event for happy tummies and happy hearts.

Let us know what your perfect meal at Fernwood Bites would be! We can't wait to hear what you're most excited for!

For a full list of food and beverage vendors check out The Fernwood Bites Webpage.

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