Q&A: Camille Byrne of Cambie Design

Q&A: Camille Byrne of Cambie Design

Mar 12, 2020Britt Buntain

Camille and I have been pen-pals for about 5 years now and we finally got to meet in person when she was visiting Victoria this past September. It felt like meeting a long-lost sister, we got together nearly every day during the week she was here and we connected through our similar businesses, life as Scorpios, and how we are building more harmonious lives in regards to running a small business and taking care of ourselves. Over a glass of wine, we decided to collaborate on a line of blankets and we have just released them in our respective shops. I'm delighted to share these few questions of hers and if you're interested, you can check out the questions she had for me over on Cambie's blog.


What do you do for self-care?

I take self-care very seriously as I find it makes such a difference in how I feel day-to-day. I have also recently shifted my perspective on some activities that used to feel like chores (such as dog walks) and now see them as opportunities to take care of myself. With this shift I enjoy cooking and meal prep so much more now. For example, I put on a podcast and take the time to disconnect and unwind as I prepare nourishing meals. Separately, I also have quite an indulging skin care routine that I find incredibly relaxing, and I enjoy regular face masks.

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What is your favorite food to make at home, for yourself and guests?

I really enjoy making one-pot meals as I’m not the most confident cook and find them much more manageable with guests. I also love leftovers so curries, soups and stews are my go-to.

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Do you have a creative project on the go or in the works? Something that isn’t business-related?

I’ve started exploring creative writing which I find intimidating but am trying to approach with an open mind. I’m seeing it as an opportunity to be playful and have fun! I had the goal of learning how to knit this winter but sadly, never got started. I will say it’s a project still in the works :)

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Do you have a spiritual practice or belief system that guides you?

I’ve meditated for years as a practice to ground myself and have found the journey to be enlightening. Initially, I started meditating almost daily to unwind from work and attempt to quiet my busy mind but it has led to many personal discoveries in acceptance and growth. It provides perspective and clarity in how I navigate my life, see the world and connect with others.


Where would you like to travel to next?

I often dream of traveling all around Scandinavia!!

 Tell me about your connection to Peru and the artists you work with.

Most of the travels in my life have been to Peru because my mother is Peruvian and her side of the family is primarily located there. We lived in Lima, Peru when I was very young but relocated to Ontario, which is where my father is from. I have spent almost every year of my life traveling down to Lima to visit family. I am very fortunate for this connection and work closely with a dear family friend who leads the production of my textiles and assists me in sourcing products as well.

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Camille Byrne


For more information on the beautiful Cambie Design blankets, you can follow along with their Instagram or view the other homewares that she sources here!

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