12 activities for self-care during a pandemic

12 activities for self-care during a pandemic

Mar 16, 2020Britt Buntain
Amidst the concerns of our health and economy during this time when we have encouraged to stay home and social distance, it is crucial to take care of our mental and physical wellness. Self-care can look like many things, and it really is whatever helps you feel supported, connected (with yourself or others), and soothed.

 Here are 12 activities that can support your self-care:

Facetime group hang

Did you know that you can have a party-line facetime hang? Just tap the + button at the top right corner and add your friends! We may be Zoomed out from work, but creating connection through Zoom, Google Hang, Facetime or any other video chat app can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and lift our spirits.

Play board games

I love Anomia and Ticket to Ride right now. If you are staying home with friends or family, bring some laughter into your days. Or, schedule a virtual board game night and bring together your people from all over!

Read a book

Choose one that you've been meaning to pick up, perhaps it has been collecting dust on the shelf or half-read. Support a local bookstore and read one of their staff picks, or listen to an audiobook while you do your laundry.

Get outside

Take a quiet walk or listen to a podcast, audiobook or favourite playlist.

Create a movement ritual

Movement is important for decreasing stress and increasing your immunity and endorphins. Dancing, online lead workouts, whatever you are feeling called to do. Remove any shame, and do what feels really, really good.

Flex your creative muscles

There are endless ways to express your creativity, and it has a profound impact on mental health when we do so. From painting, drawing, knitting, writing, to dancing, building, singing, try different things to see what feels right for you. Find something meditative to do with your hands and let yourself dip into a flow state.


Meditation, mindfulness, and slowing down to check in with ourselves is a powerful practice. You can even use guided meditation apps such as Insight timer (which is free!) for scheduled moments of calm.

Cook or bake something that is in large batches and easy to freeze for later.

Think soup, tarts, quiche, etc. Do this on a day you are feeling energized. Your future self will thank you.


Getting hands in dirt is therapeutic and soothing, and watching plants grow is so healing for ourselves. Whether you have houseplants, balcony plants, or an outdoor garden, finding moments to tend to plants is a perfect exercise for self care.

Spring clean

Choose a task you've been meaning to tackle. Throw on some music, open the windows, and have fun while you declutter and cleanse your space.

Spend a little more time snuggling with animals.

This could be your own animal, or a friends. 

Make this coconut coffee body scrub

This recipe is easy and oh so good for the skin!

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