Q&A: Karolina Gnat - registered holistic nutritionist and creator of Kare/full

Q&A: Karolina Gnat - registered holistic nutritionist and creator of Kare/full

Apr 15, 2020Britt Buntain

 I've had the pleasure of getting to know Kare over the last few months through conversations over wine, coffee and chocolate, book swaps and emails. I had reached out to her through a very personal email back in December, in hopes that she would be interested to create recipes for our blog and newsletters. Since then, she has launched her website (head there for great recipes and interviews of her own) gives so much more detail to who she is than I can ever provide in an intro, but to say that she is charming is an understatement. Pre-pandemic, I had asked her a few questions that I could share on my blog along with the most recent recipe she created for us and I'm even more grateful for the podcast, album and book recommendations that she has shared now! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more that we dream of collaborating on. 

-Do you have a creative project on the go or in your dreams? Something that isn't related to your business?
I work full time, so my recipe development IS my creative project for now. I just launched a blog, which was challenging and fun to work on at the same time. I'm also slowly learning how to make the perfect sourdough and would love to one day become a level-1 certified astrologer. 
- What is your favorite meal to make at home, for yourself and guests?
This season I've been very into Thai-style coconut soups like Tom Kai. In the summertime, I love making fresh pesto pasta, summer salads, gazpacho with ripe Roma tomatoes and chilled beet soup "chłodnik" when I'm hosting guests.
-What does self-care mean to you, and how do you put it into practice?
It doesn't have a definitive meaning to me. It's giving myself what I need at that time. Sometimes it's quiet and solitude, sometimes it's a night out with my friends. Sometimes it's making a healthy and nutritious meal, sometimes it's getting a damn good burger from Big Wheel.

-How would you describe the feeling of your home?
A soft place to land.
-Where has been your favorite place to travel and why?
I really loved Norway. The fjords are stunning, the people are stunning, the prices are also - unfortunately - stunning though! This is so cliché, but I have a French love affair and kinda always wish I was in Paris. My brother lived there for 3 years and met his wife there. At the time, I was living in England, so I was lucky enough to visit often and spend a solid amount of time in that city. I fall asleep dreaming of that place.

- What qualities do you look for in your friendships?
Genuine, sincere, honest and caring people with a sense of humor. 

-What is your favorite way to gather with friends?
A weekend getaway with a group of girls is my absolute favorite. When that's not possible, I love hosting my friends for dinner. We usually choose a theme and go all out potluck-style. 

- Tell me your favorite: book|podcast|series|cocktail|indulgence|date idea|album|board game
Wait, do I answer all of the above or just 1? Let's do all of the above:

Book: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.
Podcast: Goop / WTF with Marc Maron.
Series: LOTS. GLOW, Transparent, Baskets, High Maintenance, GIRLS, Love, Easy.
Cocktail: The Laurentian at Sherwood.
Date Idea: Driving down to Jordan River and grabbing provisions on the way for a picnic on the beach (must include olives, fancy crackers, paté, cheese and wine). Getting a coffee and muffin from Shirley Delicious on the way home. 
Album: TOUGH QUESTION. Right now I'm digging Andy Shauf's new album - The Neon Skyline. Both his albums have been concept albums where his songs unfold like a short fiction. Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus might be my most played album ever though.
Boardgame: TTR or Catan. I love Dutch Blitz too, is that considered a board game?

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