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Lifestyle and Wedding Photography

Q&A with Danielle Lindenlaub | Pursuing her passion as a lifestyle + wedding photographer

She's the first photographer that I've ever felt comfortable to just be myself with, and I am still in awe of how she has been able to consistently do this for her clients. She's naturally at ease with herself and her creative vision, that it's impossible not to be pulled into that energy.
Turkish Towels- Sunday Dry Goods- Victoria BC

Why is Everyone Talking About Turkish Towels?

We have a variety of these different towels/ scarves/ beautiful pieces of fabric in the shop now and we spend a great deal of time explaining the difference between them all. I figured it was about time to spread the gospel on the internet.
Mothers Day Gift Guide By Picot

Picot's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for you mom this Mother's Day with Picot's Gift Guide featuring local and handmade gifts in Victoria BC.