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Why is Everyone Talking About Turkish Towels?

Jun 08, 2017Britt Buntain

I have never heard more people talk about towels than I have this year. We were  using those big fluffy plush towels, thinking that was our only option. Someone started talking about all the glory in a Turkish towel and people soon caught on that it wasn’t just bathroom folklore, that there can be a second, and dare I say better, option for towels in your life. We have a variety of these different towels/ scarves/ beautiful pieces of fabric in the shop now and we spend a great deal of time explaining the difference between them all. I figured it was about time to spread the gospel on the internet.

Turkish Towels- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC


Last Spring we brought in Sunday Dry goods Everyday Standard Turkish towels because the price point is affordable for such a versatile textile. I’ll be honest- when I first started using it, I only used it as a travel towel, something that I kept with me in my car or my bag at all times because it was May, and if you have an hour to spare in Victoria BC, then you are only 5 minutes away from enjoying a little nature at Dallas Road. In March you aren’t quite throwing a towel down, cracking open a Fat Tug and pulling out the bocce, but you also actually might be doing exactly that. Once Winter hit, I decided to take my towel home with me and see how I liked it coming out of the shower. The very next thing I did after drying off was buy a couple more, and donate my plush, fluffy towels to the Women in Need center. No joke, that shower changed the daily ritual of keeping clean. That winter, I went to visit my parents house in Calgary and had a hard-water shower and followed that up with just moving the water across my body with a very heavy towel that then took forever to dry off. I am still damp from that experience and I’m sure that towel is too. I’d gotten so used to my quick, light, large, easy drying towel that the scratchy ol' regular one just felt abrasive and heavy rather than useful and normal.

Now, instead of feeling like a towel snob, I am an advocate for a functional, simple and beautiful products. Let me tell you why these are great for more than just your everyday cleaning ritual enjoyment:


1- Hang your towel to dry and you will not only notice that it dries in record time, you’ll also find yourself enjoying its freshness longer than the big plush ones.

Everyday White Base Turkish Towel- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

2- Save storage space and save water:  because these beautiful towels are so lightweight, you don’t have to run the washer and dryer on the heaviest settings anymore. They easily fold, roll, or hang for the minimalist’s dream bathroom.

Turkish Towel- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

3- Lightweight and easy to travel with - say “hello” to your new everyday companion whether it's a weekend getaway, a part of your gym routine, or a month-long trip to Bali.  

4- You have the choice to see it as you want: towel, scarf, shawl, picnic blanket… we even have customers who wrap their babies in them.

Turkish Towel- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

5- And finally, the non-looped weave of the Everyday Standard Turkish Towel is going to allow you to quickly shake off the sand so that you aren’t bringing the beach home or in the car with you!

Since then.., we have seen many other Turkish towels hit the market and come into our stores. From 100% cotton to a bamboo cotton blend, to a tight non-looped weave to a looser weave, we have suggestions for the best uses for each style. Whether you are looking for a fantastic daily shower experience, a grab and go towel, or a high-quality beautiful scarf for under $70 - we have the breakdown for you.

For a simple and everyday shower experience:

-The Everyday Standard Turkish Towel (100% cotton, $43)

- The Dylan Towel ( 60% Cotton/ 40% bamboo blend, $65)

Everyday White Base Turkish Towel- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

You just want a simple, lightweight scarf? Try one of these:  

-The Arrow (cotton/bamboo blend, $66)

- The James (90% bamboo, 10% cotton, $65)

- The Portland (100% cotton, $68)

Why is everybody talking about Turkish towels? - James Turkish towel- Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

Don’t want to be pigeonholed into one use? These are our most versatile towels:

-Everyday Standard

-Dylan Stonewash (60% Bamboo 40% Turkish Cotton)

Why is everybody talking about Turkish Towels? - Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective- Victoria BC

Why is everybody talking about turkish towels? - Sunday Dry Goods- Picot Collective

Photos by Rachael Alexandra

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