Wedding Gifts: Our Top 5 Tips

Wedding Gifts: Our Top 5 Tips

Jul 30, 2017Rachael Willson

We are officially in the heat of wedding season- a season full of beautiful brides, lots of champagne, too many speeches, and lots of decisions. Decisions like- what dress should I wear to this wedding? Should I bring a date? Who should I bring as a date? And the biggest question of them all- what should I bring as a gift?

Some brides and grooms are easy to buy for, constantly talking about things on their wish list, or (almost too obviously) swooning over things in shops as you stroll through town together. However, some brides and grooms are harder to read. Traditionally,  household items were the most common gifts- with couples moving straight from their family homes into married life, they needed all the home basics to get started. Today, marriage comes at all stages of life, and most couples are either settled into the same home already, or have lived away from home for years, already collecting dish sets, furniture, bedding, and everything else a home needs. While the gift giving traditions have changed, the heart of gift giving hasn't. Here are our top tips thoughtful gift giving. 

5 Tips for Wedding Gifts- Picot Collective- Photo by Rachael

+Do your research

In the world of social media, pinterest, and blogging, people's lives are broadcasted more publicly than ever before. While these transformations in society have created their own set of problems, these sources can become powerful tools in the game of gift giving. Pinterest boards are like taking a peak into your friends "dream world"- offering you inspiration on home goods the couple may like, or even specific furniture, bedding, and linens they may appreciate as gifts. Instagram can help you get a sense of the couples style- minimal, hipster, earthy, eclectic... 

Pinterest- Tips on Wedding Gift Giving- Picot Collective

+Quality over Quantity 

While couples may no longer be looking for a brand new dish set, buying good quality investment pieces for their home can be the perfect wedding gift. Replacing common household items with high quality versions can be a gift that couples appreciate more than you know. Rather than an entire set of mugs, why not purchase a couple handmade ceramic ones. Not only will they last longer, but they are a wonderful way to support local artists. Our recent favourite is the ceramic pour over and the jumbo mugs by local potter Wicked Wanda. Buy two jumbo mugs and a pour over and you have the perfect gift set!


Click here to shop ceramics, or click on each individual photo to shop those specific items. 

+Purposeful and beautiful

Sometimes the best gifts are simple, beautiful, and practical. We asked some recent brides about their top wedding gifts, and many of them answered that practical but beautiful home items were some of their most treasured items. This can be anything from a beautiful carved wooden salad bowl, or a handwoven basket for storage. Linen dishcloths and turkish towels are the epitome of purposeful beauty. 

Turkish Towels-Puruposeful Beauty

+Art and Decor

Art and decor always seems to be last on the list of home necessities. While having a decorated home is not a matter of life or death, adding artistic and beautiful elements to a space is what makes it truly come alive. What better way to welcome a couple into married life then to provide them with beautiful pieces to liven up their space. Prints and paintings are always a go, but textured wall hangings and weavings are a trend we are especially loving. 

+Non-gift gifts

Amongst the brides we interviewed, experience gifts were a crowd favourite. Purchasing gift cards for date nights is a common gift, however you can even go beyond and book airbnbs, a boat ride, a couples massage, or perhaps some stand up paddle boards or kayaks rentals. Wine tasting tours, concert tickets... the list goes on. Give them an experience they won't forget. 


Did we miss anything? Give us your top gift giving tip in the comments below!  


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