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5 Books to read this Spring
Apr 05, 2022
5 Books I've read recently and a few thoughts that I had about them. What's included: a debut mystery novel from a local author, a palette-cleansing, cheap thrill, a cathartic and emotional memoir, a hilarious family drama that revolves around the pitfalls of social media, and another that I haven't finished reading yet!
Kare's Top 6 Favourite Cookbooks
Feb 05, 2022
These are a few of my go-to cookbooks; the ones I reach for most often. The ones with dog eared pages, notes in the margins, and tomato sauce stains. There's something romantic about a tangible recipe book and these are my favourite to pore over. 
4 ways to journal for self reflection
Jan 24, 2022
Journalling has been known as a helpful tool to reflect and build self awareness. Studies have even shown that it's effective to reducing anxiety! It's a humbling and welcoming thought to consider that the process alone is helpful, even if you're not sure of it at the time.
A New Year's Ritual
Dec 09, 2021
I'm not really into resolutions. Partly because I rarely stick to them beyond a couple of weeks, but mostly because I've been doing something else since I was 10 years old. 
Q+A with Angela Bisset, Certified Executive Coach | Changing direction with the help of Intuition, Guidance, Fear, and Healing
Jul 21, 2021
These inner shifts ripple outwards and generate remarkable changes in the world: I’ve seen clients decide to pursue their dream careers, create harmony in their relationships, realize wellness goals, impact meaningful changes in their communities, and more. Success looks different for every client, but it always involves a return to their own brilliance. 
Lifestyle and Wedding Photography
Jun 03, 2021
She's the first photographer that I've ever felt comfortable to just be myself with, and I am still in awe of how she has been able to consistently do this for her clients. She's naturally at ease with herself and her creative vision, that it's impossible not to be pulled into that energy.
Wellbeing Ritual with Tea and Rest
May 27, 2021
Enhance your wellness ritual with these tips and tricks.
Q&A with Michaela Michael of Hazlewood
Apr 14, 2021
 I've asked Michaela some questions here and I love what I learned from her, including where the name of her shop was inspired from. I can relate to her advice for budding entrepreneurs and love the advice she has for her younger self. I hope you enjoy this little read and there's a code to get 15% off her online shop in here too!
Sobriety, entrepreneurship, and mental health
Mar 16, 2021
Sobriety, entrepreneurship, and mental health with Nicole Lawson — founder of Supported Soul I am drawn...
Q&A with Rachel Francois: Copywriter and digital marketer focused on holistic & authentic storytelling.
Feb 18, 2021
"Prioritizing self care has taken many burnouts to figure out, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it a little bit".
Inspiration for the Community Cookbook
Jul 17, 2020
Both Kare and I have referred to this as a little love letter from kitchen to kitchen, and it's as simple as that. 
Q&A- Self Care with Arielle Moore, creator of Homebound Tarot
May 14, 2020
Self-care means different things to each person and that needs to be honored, but we should also recognize that taking care of ourselves is not as simple as eating a doughnut when we’re having a bad day, (ok sometimes that really is all you need but you get what I’m saying).