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Summer in Victoria: From the Cashmere & Plaid Blog
Jul 13, 2016
  Our friend Emily Johnson has quite possibly the most adorable blog I have ever...
Your Guide to The Best Markets in Victoria this Summer
Jun 28, 2016
We are already well into Victoria's market season, seeing as many of the staple markets started up mid-April. And most markets will be running strong until the cooler weeks of September and October, meaning if you haven't hit up the weekly markets you still have plenty of time left and there's still many specialty markets yet to come!
What Arielle will be Eating and Drinking at Fernwood Bites
Jun 10, 2016
With this much delicious food to look forward to it's only safe to go in with a game plan. Yes, a ticket allows you to enjoy everything at the festival, but we've created ourselves a menu of sorts, complete with our favourites as well as some establishments we've yet to try. Consider it our perfect Victoria meal. It's not every day all your favourite restaurants are in one spot!
An Interview with Elea Plastino of Covet + Keep
May 17, 2016
My travel has allowed me to meet some truly amazing people. Half of my best friends are around the world. Each of the messages in the pieces are inspired by these people. They are a huge part of my inspiration. I call them my wolf pack.  
An Interview With Britt Stillie of Just B Smiling
May 03, 2016
In the last year I’ve learnt a whole lot about myself, and what it takes to run a business. JUST B SMILING has taught me patience, to take care of my body and listen to it better. I’ve learnt that everything will still be there tomorrow so when your mind and your body say it's time to call it a day, do it.
Party Cocktail Recipe: Gin, Elderflower & Ginger Kombucha Cocktail
Apr 11, 2016
As many of you showed up for and know, we had a great party last weekend for Ashley Opperman's artwork, and with Melissa from Cultured Kombucha hosting a cocktail bar!  It was such so delicious we asked Melissa to share the cocktail recipe with us. This cocktail is easy to make, healthy, and absolutely perfect for the summer.
A visit from Partwork
Feb 27, 2016
"The first thing I notice is the woven wall hangings. They are composed of soft textures with natural earthy colours, perfect in their imperfections. The owner of Picot Collective, Britt Buntain, is leaning over the front desk when I come in, working away at some paperwork. The store is warm and inviting. Soft, neutral-coloured handmade products cover the shelves. Leather, clay, and metal are prominent all over the store...
An interview with Emily Hartwell McPhee of  Hart + Stone
Feb 04, 2016
As some of you know, Picot had ambitions to open last Spring, May 22nd to be exact. When I was curating my first collection of goods to be sold, Hart + Stone was the first jewelry line that I bought back in April 2015.  I was always so impressed with Emily, a gal on Saltspring who found her love in silversmithing, and who stood out with her branding, lookbook and portfolio...
An Interview with Shannon Munro
Dec 18, 2015
When I first sat down with Shannon Munro to talk about her jewelry, I was taken back by how kind and classic her presence was.  Her jewelry design is nothing like I have ever seen before, and I knew right away that 1: I had a huge crush on this gal, and 2: I wanted to know more about her and her business. So, we sat down for beer and a burger and this is what we talked about...
The "why" behind this lifestyle blog
Dec 17, 2015
My curiosities tend to favour the things we cannot see: The people behind a business, the beauty in something that exists because of a darkness or a struggle. The clarity you gain because something was difficult or damn near destructive. I am curious about what drives people and how they handle the pressures of life, and what they do with it afterwards. I genuinely believe that there are magnificent things that come out of someone when they are sparked with a huge plot twist.