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How to apply perfume and fragrances
Apr 11, 2023
All the years you’ve spent rubbing perfume between your wrists have been years spent altering your fragrances' intended scent and reducing its potency. If you're someone who finds their fragrance doesn't last all day, this could be why.
Interview with Bibliolifestyle creator, Victoria Wood
Mar 30, 2023
Learn about her media brand for publishers and authors, self care routines, what she would want in a neon sign, and of course: her favourite books.
45 Books to add to your Spring 2023 Reading List: Fiction and Non-Fiction
Mar 30, 2023
We asked our community on Instagram to recommend a book, and these 45 titles are what they (you!) replied with. 
Meerah Jayakumar: Self Care + Sobriety through Zero Proof Club
Jan 23, 2023
My fave's of the interview: what she would put in a neon sign, her self- care habits, how to get out of a funk or a low mood, the non-fiction book she recommended, and I had a really good laugh at the common phrase that rubs her the wrong way. And guess what celeb she met recently?
Best Of 2022
Jan 05, 2023
My "bests" of the year: podcast, natural skincare products, kitchen appliance, coffee, challenges, achievements, books, movies, recipes, + more.
Support for the Sober Curious
Dec 30, 2022
Based on this Instagram post below👇🏼 I finally decided to write down resources I found...
Our top playlists to inspire 5 states of well being
Dec 03, 2022
Similar to scents, sound is something that can alter a mood, evoke a feeling or a memory, and completely transform a space or mind state, and we have a playlist to inspire a few feel-good states of wellbeing.
Non-toxic fragrance for candles
Jul 29, 2022
My business is a blend of what anti-hustle culture and non-toxic fragrance for candles have in common. We sell non-toxic scented products and yet, I find I'm mostly drawn to thinking of wellness routines, why they are important (and what happened when I fell away from them), and how I can use my business as a means of support for others.
How to Choose Natural Skincare for a Healthy Lifestyle
Jul 21, 2022
Choosing natural ingredients for your skincare is just as important as choosing natural ingredients for your food; it all ends up inside your body, so you want to be careful and consider what you are comfortable with. I've compiled this simple list for you to consider, and I hope that this helps you along the way to building a more holistic, healthy lifestyle that is inclusive of the skincare and beauty products you use.
5 Books to read this Spring
Apr 05, 2022
5 Books I've read recently and a few thoughts that I had about them. What's included: a debut mystery novel from a local author, a palette-cleansing, cheap thrill, a cathartic and emotional memoir, a hilarious family drama that revolves around the pitfalls of social media, and another that I haven't finished reading yet!
Kare's Top 6 Favourite Cookbooks
Feb 05, 2022
These are a few of my go-to cookbooks; the ones I reach for most often. The ones with dog eared pages, notes in the margins, and tomato sauce stains. There's something romantic about a tangible recipe book and these are my favourite to pore over. 
4 ways to journal for self reflection
Jan 24, 2022
Journalling has been known as a helpful tool to reflect and build self awareness. Studies have even shown that it's effective to reducing anxiety! It's a humbling and welcoming thought to consider that the process alone is helpful, even if you're not sure of it at the time.