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To say that this second volume is a labour of love is quite an understatement.

Kare and I have been talking about a second book while we were still writing the first one, as if we were putting these things out like John Grisham. 

I imagined that when we did finally get the second one out, we would be on the other side of this pandemic, but that's now a joke I tell myself, similar to how I once exclaimed that I could do the edits for this in "an afternoon".

 The dream to share food with loved ones outside of our bubble is still alive, and not being able to yet has become oddly commonplace. Throughout this year, cooking and baking at home has become a means of true comfort for me. Something to focus on and quell my low-lying, yet ever-present, anxiety. We asked 30 members of our community to contribute a recipe with the subtle theme of hygge (hoo-gah); a Danish term that refers to finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things.

We hope that you fall in love with the recipes in and even more so, the process of spending time in the kitchen making nourishing and delicious meals. To learn more about the inspiration for these cookbooks, you can read about it here. 

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A note from Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Co-Creator, Kare

Britt and I had such an enriching experience while putting together our first Community Cookbook that we pretty well immediately started thinking about putting out a second. The PNW winter can feel dark and wet. Working on this collection of cozy and nourishing recipes while collaborating with our lovely contributors was exactly what I needed.

Cooking these dishes has made me feel connected to my community and has added some colour to my all-too-bland pandemic lifestyle. While I realize I may one day look back on these days with some nostalgia for how simple day-to-day life is at the moment, I also know I’m excited to travel again, to eat pasta in a quaint Italian city I’ve never been to or to simply have a night in with my closest  friends.

I hope this cookbook serves as a reminder that no matter how much we may wish to explore beyond the horizon, good food and good company is always close to home when you know where to look!

Partnering People and Businesses from Volume One and Two:

Marta Cafe | Goldilocks Goods | Carmelle Lauren Accupuncture | Table Talk | Fare and Flourish | Victoria Salter Real Estate | Rachel Francois Co. | Anian  | Tara and Gordon Heal | Ecologyst | Save Da Sea | Jim Finlayson Coaching | Studio Kanti | Blayke Shannon Hair | Parlour Hair Boutique | Mariam Ordubadi | SALT Shop | Nourish Kitchen and Cafe | Mackenzie Duncan Photography | Bramble by, Bilston Creek Farm | Whole Happy | Sam Streeter & Jesse Barnard |  Pigeonhole Home Store | Annex Fitness

Abbey Hall | Allie Bowman | Buttata Ceramics | Ivy House Design | Carmelle Lauren Accupuncture | Bear and Joey Cafe | Fairholme Manor Bed and Breakfast | Rebecca Wellman | The Root Cellar | Hannah Monteith | Abeego | Shea Ball Nutrition | Miel Loungewear  Kara Neal Wellness | Zero Waste Emporium | Jennifer Danter | Cafe Mexico | LL Supply | Chanelle Farina Nutrition | Alexis Petrunia | The Samosa Box |  Wikisleep | Dumpling Drop | Melissa Robinson | Whistle Buoy Brewing | Le Marche st George | Arielle Moore | Lykke Shop | Eir Mobile Medicine | Robyn Anderson

All proceeds from Volume Two book sales are donated to the Island Kids Cancer AssociationGet your copy here.

Britt Buntain and Karolina Gnat of Picot Collective

About the Island Kids Cancer Association

The Island Kids Cancer Association has come recommended to us from friends who had benefited immensely from their programs and we are pleased to highlight their work and contributions to their community. IKCA helps families navigate the diagnosis of childhood cancer.

Their services and programs offer practical assistance, emotional support and financial support. This is combined with firsthand knowledge of what this experience is like and how families can best work with the medical system to understand processes, treatments and avenues of care and healing. In doing so, we become part of the family support system, walking alongside, helping to ease uncertainty and feelings of isolation.

Touchstones Mental Health Support Program is a critical program, providing kids, youth and their families access to service providers, limiting financial barriers and stigmas. Island Kids Cancer Association works with several service providers across Vancouver Island such as registered counsellors, psychologists, music therapists, art therapists, play therapists and a creative writing therapist.

Volume One : Sold Out

Community Cookbook Volume One
The first Community Cookbook was a labor of love to bring people together again during the stressful year that we will always remember as 2020. We partnered with 28 local businesses to create our first volume of recipes with 100% of the profits donated to:

 Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Colour
Indigenous Harm Reduction Team
Victoria Women's Transition House

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