It's tough to know if you are going to like something before you buy it, especially if it's a scent. If only there was a scratch & sniff screen...

Since that doesn't exist yet, here's what our customers have said about our products. 

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Unforgettable Scent

I adore all of the amazing products from Picot Collective but the Honey Tobacco Body Butter is my favourite beauty ritual. I get so many compliments on this scent and find it absolutely intoxicating!! It's my good luck charm, and always lets me feel a little extra confidence throughout the day when I wear it :) Thank you Britt and Picot Collective!

Beautiful Scent!

Love the candle and roll-on scent. The candle is stronger with vanilla and spicy notes. The roll-on scent is more subtle. It reminds me of incense at church, kind of like myrrh. Very pretty, warm and not overpowering. Definitely my kind of scent!


I am obsessed with your smell. It stimulates everything inside me.

Take a chance!

I had never purchased any of the honey tobacco line before but kept seeing ads and was curious. I bought the small oil roller. I'm so glad! I love this scent! I will definitely be buying more. It's already a big hit with my coworkers.

Calming and Flavourful

I’ve had this tea in the afternoon, when the kids are napping and I can have time to myself to wind down. It has lots of flavours but not in an overpowering way, just subtle hints of licorice and camomile, and the cedar leaves is a really nice flavour too! This tea is so fabulous for calming. I start to feel that wonderful relaxing feeling after just a few sips. After the first cup, it doesn’t matter how tough my morning was the rest of the day looks totally manageable!

This scent.

I can’t stop introducing people to this scent. While there’s a part of me that’d prefer to keep it all to myself, I love how inviting it is and how much it captivates people with its subtly.

Smells great

I love the scent so very much but it doesn't seem to last on my skin all that long. I want to bathe in it!!


Love the smell, the bottle everything is fantastic! Worth it :)

Love them!

I love the smell of the candles. The body butter is AMAZING and stays on for a long time.
I have the spray as well.
I've made about 3 orders so far. Definitely one of my favorites of all candles

Honey Tobacco - candle

I've had the roller for over a year now and absolutely love what the scent evokes for me personally. I thought I had found my thing - until I walked into a friend's home and she had the candle burning. The entire home smelt like a warm hug and instantly put me at ease. I keep lighting the candle while I'm working away at my computer screen and it just adds something almost inexplicable. And now I know what I'm sending to everyone as their housewarming present.


Bought the roller in tofino a few months ago and I absolutely love it!!! Had to go back and get a candle.

I always get compliments on my perfume ♡

I dig it

I picked surprize me and I was surprized at just how much I love the fragrance, it is soft and sexy and feels like something familiar when I smell it. I hope my husband loves it as much as I do.

Smells fantastic

Just received my order today, have only had the scent on for an hour but I love it!! Hoping to get a positive reaction from my hubby!!

Such simple elegant packaging.

While I have yet to indulge in the tea itself, it fit perfectly w/ my want to create simple rituals for myself - even on days I’m stuck in a cubicle. The packaging is gorgeous and simple, and the aroma that came from opening it on arrival confirmed that this tea is going to fit with my desire to create simple ways to honour the everyday.


I opened my travel candles up to take in the honey tobacco scent and within minutes my living room was filled with this delightful aroma. Can’t get enough of this delightful candle.

Refreshing and Energizing

I have been starting my day off with a cup of Rise for a week now and I just love it. It gives me a boost of energy and it has such a lovely, refreshing taste. Big fan! And will purchase again.

Highly recommend!

I love Honey Tobacco, every-time I wear it I get compliments on it. I have the roller, the spray and just used up the last of my candle. The fragrance is a must have.

So amazing!!

This is by far my favourite smell. I have a Tom Ford fragrance that is actually similar but far more expensive and likely not as pure as this is!! I love putting this on each morning, especially because it has a beautiful stone in the roller!! So glad to have found it.

Everyone tells me how great I smell when I wear this. I got my notoriously picky sister the candle, and even she loved the scent. If you're on the fence, go for it. If you don't love it, chances are someone around you will.

The Best!

I discovered the Honey Tobacco spray a number of years ago and it's the ONLY scent I wear now! Brit is always so accommodating and lovely -- it feels so good to support a local business! Beyond obsessed, I've also purchased her candles and body butter which are both equally amazing!!

Can't live without

I started with candles, then the roll-ons and now I'm fanatical about the body mist!!! I use the body mist everyday, sometimes twice a day. The scent is warm and calming and I've been known to spray it on my pillow case and yoga mat too. The ceramic candles hang out on my kitchen table... I just can't say enough about how much I love everything Picot xoxo

My favorite scent

After being a loyal candle customer, I finally got myself a roll on. I love the scent in my home and now I can smell it anywhere I go! I never wear perfume because I find them all too strong and make me feel sick, but this scent is the perfect subtle scent.

Honey Tobacco Heaven!

I recently smelt this on someone I know and immediately had to know what it was. Ordered 2 rollers, one for myself and one for my mom... we are both obsessed with this smell! I now want to purchase the body mist and candles. I too have people asking me what I am wearing. My new favourite!!!

The BEST fragrance!!!

I fell in love with the Honey Tobacco scent when I visited Tofino a couple of years ago! And I’ve never used anything else since. I’m not a floral fragrance kind of gal and I don’t like super sweet scents either. This is a perfect balance and blend of a hint of vanilla with a twist...I have since got other friends hooked and decided to send them some for Christmas gifts this year! Don’t let the word tobacco throw you! Is AMAZING!

Best Smell... Ever

I look forward to applying this roller/scent to my body every morning! It smells like warmth (if you can imagine that?) I will never stop buying ✨