It's tough to know if you are going to like something before you buy it, especially if it's a scent. If only there was a scratch & sniff screen...

Since that doesn't exist yet, here's what our customers have said about our products. 

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The perfume I've been waiting for my whole life.

The perfect all-rounder.. night, day, or season. Absolutely beautiful and not overpowering. I am not a perfume person but I was in a store one day and smelled this scent and I could not forget about it for months. The next time I went through the town that had the store that I knew carried it, I purchased the roll-on version. Both are lovely, but I recently purchased the spray for my upcoming travels. I think I prefer the spray because I can spray it on my clothes and in my hair too. Absolutely love this scent! I don't think I was a fragrance person person because I hadn't found my scent yet!


The spray is just as amazing as the roll on and so versatile. I love the earthy sweet scent!

The perfect scent!

I love this product! The roller is portable and easy to use and the fragrance is not overpowering like a perfume ….. a nice warm clean scent!

Bath in the forest!

This is truly like having a bath in the forest. Calming, relaxing and another great fragrance.

Another great product!

After loving the Tabacco Spray I decided to try the Fragrance Roller and I’m loving it! It’s more concentrated so a little goes a long way, plus you can take it with you! Love the fragrance!

Smells great; not overwhelmingly strong and a warm comforting scent.

Great stuff!

The smell is amazing- it’s subtle enough for everyday wear. Had some issues with delivery (on my end!) and must say the customer service for correcting my mistake was prompt and great too!

Amazing scent

This is the best. It’s my first time trying something from Picot, but it won’t be the last. The scent is beautiful!

My favourite candle

This is my most favourite candle ever. It is such a cozy, warm scent and fills my whole home - and not in an overpowering way. This candle lasts a very long time, but I always have to have another on hand because I can’t ever be without it!

Love this scent

It smells wonderful. Shipping was very quick.

Incredible scent

Perfect scent for the home!


Subtle yet fragrant, I love this size candle too. I know my home smells warm and comforting. Best buy yet!

our favourite scent

The only candle my daughters and I burn in our house, we love all things honey tobacco

Double the goodness! Love this limited edition candle

After ordering my first honey tobacco candle and quickly establishing an evening ritual around burning it and loving up my home, it was very obvious this was going to become a staple ritual in my home. I’ll probably never burn another candle again 😂 So when a limited edition 16oz candle went on sale, it was a no brainer! I bought 2. 💗 amazing.

Love love love this candle

This scents makes me want read a book with a cup tea , while the candle burns ❤️‍🔥

Outstanding products

The smells and relax time it gives me

Favourite scent!

I have been using the roller for years, absolutely love it ♥️

In Love!

After suffering from headaches and congestion with perfumes, it’s been a couple years since I’ve found a clean scent that I absolutely love!
Thank you so much Britt! (Who is also an absolute gem)

My favorite scent 💕

This is my second order and I know I will be placing more in the future! I order two rollers at a time. I never want to run out. This scent is FABULOUS! I will never get sick of it!

Soft heaven

The classic Tobacco scent in this luxurious and moisturizing body butter , i love it !


I loved this scent so much when using the hand sanitizer that I had to get this blend. I use it in the diffuser in my bathroom - the peppermint and eucalyptus freshen up the room and make it feel spa-like.


We're all using much more hand sanitizer these days, and I have to say, this is my favourite! It smells wonderfully refreshing and the aloe ensures your hands don't get dried out by all the cleansing. 10/10!


This candle is simply the best. The Honey Tobacco scent is so comforting and to me, smells like home. The design looks lovely in any decor style and the candle lasts for such a long time! All in all, highly recommended!

My signature scent

This fragrance is incredible! It's the perfect scent for everyday wear and I get many compliments. I love the roller - perfect for just the right amount of product and lasts forever. Highly, highly recommend!


I can’t say enough about this body butter. I decided to order it after falling in love with the signature honey tobacco scent from my roller purchase at a local shop. It is incredible. It is moisturizing, lightweight yet smells divine. Highly recommend.