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The item took 21 days to deliver by which point I had left the US.
Before ordering I gave my dates of two weeks at the address In the US before returning to Europe, they advised that was plenty of time.
I kept tracking the item and could see that after two weeks it had not left Canada, I contacted the brand multiple times to ask them to redirect the item to the UK or failing that could I re purchase another at a discounted price and have them send that one to the UK (the address in the US is vacant till Summer & no post can be sent on)
The brand said they are a small business and cannot take on any added costs, I should take it up with the Canadian postal system (a hard task for someone who lives In the UK)
I’ve asked twice what type of postal was used and both times I’ve had no answer.
I have a small business and rely on my consumers, it’s really disappointing when you support small businesses back and this is not the case.

Must have Mist

One of my favourite Picot products. Of course I love the Honey Tobacco scent. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love this after shower on the nape of my neck and under my hair for that great smell and makes me feel ready for my day.

Body butter

This stuff is the best. If you haven’t tried it before I highly recommend it. So rich and creamy and feels soft like “budda” on your skin. Aaahhh…

Linen tea towels

Ooh. Always a happy day when my picot order arrives. I ordered something new this time and love my new tea towels. Soft and absorbent with that beautiful natural linen feel. I bought one for me and one to wrap up a Christmas gift. Wonderful product. Thank you Picot!

Great for body or room!

I absolutely love this versatile spray. It smells amazing!

Best parfume!!!

The most amazing scent you will ever wear!

The perfect cold weather scent

Love this scent so much, It’s the perfect scent for every day in the fall/winter. Lasts all day long and it noticeable without being too over powering.

Love all their products

Candles, room spray, perfume - this is one of my favourite scents. I like the lightness of this one, and it's lovely on your pillow at the end of a day!

Honey Tobacco Candle
Montserrat S.
Great candle

This candle makes my home so cozy i have them in every room !!

Love the scent

A beautiful scent, one of my all time faves!

My favourite scent

Best scent ever just like the body butter and perfume last all day !!

Honey Tobacco Everywhere All The Time

Subtle but so much impact - great for adding a little fragrance to my whole house!

Lovely, cozy smell ever!

I’ve using the same scent in candles and oil roller for a few years! So of course loving this as room and body spray. Perfect when I don’t have time to let a candle burn :)


Multi-purpose… perfume, room mist, hair revitalized… love it! Smells amazing… I’ve never met someone who didn’t like the scent.

Wildwood Candle
gorgeous subtle scent!

gorgeous subtle scent!

Divine product

It always feels good to smell so divine 💜

Love it!!

Absolutely love this option for Honey Tobacco! Every time I wear it, people ask me what it is! Love! It!!

Love it

Love this candle. Best gift

Love it

Ive always loved this scent, so nice to have a stronger version’

Have always loved Honey Tobacco in a fragrance. Decided to try Wildwood and it is amazing too. Two new favourites! I purchased the room mister in both and love them!!! Thank you.

My Favourite Scent!

I use this as both a body spray and room spray. It is light, and smells so good. I use this in addition to the body butter and it is a nice finishing touch once dressed. Love it.

Heaven in a Jar!

This body butter is amazing! It is rich, creamy and smells so good. I use this daily and love how the scent lasts the whole day. And I love how fast it was shipped and received.

Best smell everrrr!

Favourite HT product.

All time Fav!

I can’t get enough. Whenever this candle is on its last burn, I must purchase another. This cozy scent leaves me craving home.

My favorite scented candle!!

The Honey Tobacco candle fills a room with soft alluring scents. I absolutely love it anywhere and everywhere in my home including unlit with the lid off in my closet which will leave a beautiful scent on my clothing. This scent is for anyone and everyone and is very addicting…..