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"transporting" wildwood hair/home/body spray

i love it. close your eyes and inhale and you are in the forest. it is delicate and yet layered. i wish the scent it would last longer in the room.

perfect tool

this wonderful little tool looks pretty and works well. no longer am i attempting to pinch off the wick with a kleenex and my finger nail and still getting black allover my fingers! win win.

I’m obsessed!!

I can’t get enough of this smell

Highly Recommend!

I love this scent and company. I have bought this scent in basically every product form - body butter, mist spray, roller, candle, and have done so multiple times. So when this came out in the perfume version I had to try it. I really like that the scent in this form lasts longer throughout the day. I found with the other products, I would reapply twice a day to replenish the scent. However, with the perfume it lasts much longer, and lingers nicely giving a subtle scent throughout the day. It isn't powerful when you first put in on either, as some perfumes are. This has now become my go to product for this scent for that reason, however I will still continue to buy the candles for my home and the mist spray for my hair. The company is also very consistent and reliable, their shipping occurs quickly and the products always arrive perfectly packaged. The quality of the bottles is also a bonus, and they look really nice on my bathroom counter as added decor.

The honey tobacco mist is perfect to use in summer as it is a nice light refreshing unique scent that almost always draws remarks . I use it in my hair too. I can't imagine being without now, it will be my go to for a long time to come.

All time favourite scent

Finally completed my collection of scents ( body butter, candle and mist). Obsessed

Love this scent

I’m so happy I can use this scent everywhere.

I love this candle

It’s my all time favourite candle. It creates so much peace in my home.

Wick Trimmer
Emmi W.
Wick trimmer

I didn’t know I needed this in my life.

A must have for my home

There's nothing more comforting than a candle, especially when it smells like this one. Picot's Honey Tobacco scent smells like home after years of having this as my household staple.

Wick Trimmer
Erica G.
Love it!

This wick trimmer is so handy! I've been hesitant to purchase one of these in the past because I felt like my scissors were good enough, but this is well worth it! Plus, it looks much cuter than my safety scissors haha. Another Picot win!

Wick Trimmer
michele s.
Must have

Daily rituals include candles in my home morning and night. My husband is always running around cutting wicks so I jumped on this when I saw it... he loves it and we had a good giggle about how long it took us to get one!

Zen and beauty rolled into one scent!

I constantly get asked what scent I’m wearing and where they can find it! I am in love with this scent!

Absolutely the best smell

Love so much. Can’t get enough

Love the Scent!

I love using this as a solid perfume. The scent is great and a little last you a long time.

Honey Tobacco Candle

What a wonderful smelling candle. This honey tobacco combination is the ultimate in scents. Smooth, not too strong, the aroma lingers even after a few hours.
This is now my favourite smell. I also have the roll on. Lasts a long time and a little goes a long way.

Can’t get enough

This fresh scent revitalizes my space.
I live in an old character home, as much as I love it’s character the smell after coming home from a long day can be less desirable.
This lovely diffuser perks up the space in a delightful way!
Worth every penny!

like you're in the forest

this candle smells incredible. so happy with it.


i love the colour and the quality is excellent. goes perfectly in my bathroom.


very pleased with this linen towel. top quality. great colour.


For someone who I wasn't big on scents as they make me nauseous this candle from PICOT does wonders.
A strong but not overwhelming scent. It sets a mood for the day and puts me in self-care mode. Walking into a room that smells good makes me feel good and does wonders for my attitude.
Whether I want to relax or be productive, their products are aesthetically pleasing and practical—my kind of style.
I'm glad I was gifted a candle a while back. Otherwise, I would have missed out.

Excellent product

This is a wonderful cream, I love the texture and the scent. The scent is subtle not the least bit overpowering and I find it quite moisturizing. I typically find scented body lotions quite often bother my skin and gives me headaches this one doesn’t at all.

Great item

I’ve been debating getting this candle for awhile and I’m glad I did. What a beautiful subtle scent!

Great product

This facial oil is wonderful, light yet deeply moisturizing for my dry skin.

Wick Trimmer
Telisha K.
Where have you been all my life!

And I thought using scissors all these years was fine.
GOSH was I ever wrong, This little tool is a life savour!
My candle life has already increased, it's easy and gets much closer than scissors ever could.

Definitely worth it!