It's tough to know if you are going to like something before you buy it, especially if it's a scent. If only there was a scratch & sniff screen...

Since that doesn't exist yet, here's what our customers have said about our products. 

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Honey Tobacco Candle

Love the smell of this candle.

the best scent!

Love the candle and the roll-on scent..Delicious!

I love it

I burned through my candle way too quickly (it's my favourite one) so I decided to treat myself to something I could make last. This body butter is so great. It's more of an 'actual butter' texture and less of the whipped butter texture I had expected - I won't slather this on before pulling my jeans on in the morning - and it leaves my skin smelling great and feeling smooth the whole day. Definitely a new staple.

Honey Tobacco Crystal Roller

This is my absolute favourite!!!! The smell is divine. It’s warm and cozy and sensual. Please don’t ever stop making this!!

Best bath product!

I got this bath soak from a local store in Fredericton, NB and I am obsessed! It smells so nice and is perfect for the bath. I hope they restock soon becaue I need more!!

Candle review

I love my new honey tobacco candle. Smells absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful ceramic

Love how big and beautiful the candle and ceramic are. I am a big fan of the honey tobacco products.

Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love the Honey Tobacco Mist!

I received the candle as a gift over a year ago and then decided to try the mist. I wear it EVERYDAY even though I have other fragrances to wear. It makes me feel all warm and cozy ❤️.


I’m obsessed with this scent. It is unique and comforting. First and only thing I spray on each day, it instantly fills me with calm. Love the sweet, smokey blend.

A Hygge Experience

Dear Britt,
I recently purchased the Picot Honey Tobacco Roll On, The Mist and The Candle and I am delighted with the warm and pleasant scents that envelopes my home and my body. The roll on has an unique scent that reminisces me of fond memories of coziness and comfort.
Thank you for the efficient delivery of Picot products and wishing you much success with your business.

Just love this scent

I spritz it once or twice as a room spray and it can fix a day, I swear... The candles are great, too.

Spray it everywhere and have a great day!

I love this mist so much I literally spray it everywhere. All over me and all over my house. I always mist it over the pillows in my guest rooms, and everyone loves it!

Soothing Body Butter

I can't live without the Honey Tobacco Body Butter. It soothes my dry, flakey winter skin and smells oh so delicious. I like to rub it on my décolletage before bed, for the lovely scent sends me off to blissful sleep and a little butter is always needed in that area xo

Love at first smell

I first received this body butter in the Light House Market Box. The moment I opened it, I fell in love. The sent is calming. I also love how it feels on my skin.
I knew immediately I had to purchase more.

Honey tobacco crystal roller

Unique and pleasing smell. Not too sweet or musky. Wears all day. Just need a little roll !

The bomb candle

I absolutely love this scented candle. It has lasted a really long time, and makes my home smell amazing!! Will definitely purchase again.

To die for 🔥🔥🔥


This bath soak is glorious. I have loved the candle for a while now and am thrilled to see the range expanding to include more products. I'm addicted to my calming, honey tobacco baths in the evening!


So fresh- love it

Fave candle. Ever

Makes our home smell and feel cozy!


The smell is captivating, I cannot get enough of it. I now own everything made that is Honey Tobacco! Friends often ask what the scent is I'm wearing! 💖

The best smelling candle

Honey tobacco scent smells so darn good! I ordered two and once they are done I will continue to purchase these. Best cancel scent ever


Wonderful product!!

Best sanitizer to date

This stuff smells amazing!! I work at a homeless shelter and it works so well in a work and casual setting. My boyfriend and coworkers love it. Definitely will be reordering :)