It's tough to know if you are going to like something before you buy it, especially if it's a scent. If only there was a scratch & sniff screen...

Since that doesn't exist yet, here's what our customers have said about our products. 

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Obsessed with this smell!

I absolutely love this signature smell. I love this larger size of my favourite candle, so it will last so much longer. It makes my home smell so nice!

The mist is my fave!

I have the roller, mist, and body butter and the mist is my very favourite way to use this fragrance!

Simply the best

This candle smells amazing and scents the entire house. Pricey but 100% worth it.

Love this candle

I adore the scent of this candle, it is subtle and cozy and perfect for curling up with a book and cup of tea or coffee. I love that it is made using coconut and soy wax also.

Fabulous roller

I love this roller so much, the scents are both uplifting and soothing. It comes in so handy for headaches and bug bites and has become a staple for us!

Pure comfort

Mmmm the honey tobacco candle is the most comforting scent- I can’t get enough! Jar is modern yet homey and fits my decor beautifully. Highly recommend

I am in love with Honey Tobacco scent as its so soft and mature at the same time ! And Especially that I can put the lid back on and it looks neat and tidy like a decor piece!

The honey tobacco roller smells so good! I’ve been looking for a roll on that smells like this. I will definitely continue to buy this product.

Another Win with this Spray

As someone who has the bath scrub, roller ball, and body butter, it was only right for the next product to be the HT spray. And it does not disappoint! Absolutely in love with this spray! I use it as a hair mist and the scent lasts ALL day and I get so many compliments!

Favourite scent ever!!!

My mom and I both ordered a month ago and we loved the product so much we ordered again to double up. We have products from this company in our house, our cars, our purses. Absolutely amazing smelling, great products.

Senses for the nostrils

I love the vanilla & tobacco roll on. I chose the pink quartz rolling ball. I get so many compliments on the fragrance. I was very pleased with the customer service.

Love it

Again, as I said with the room/body spray. It’s a very sexy smell. Love it!! ❤️

Love it

I don’t know what else to say, except it’s a very sexy smell ❤️

Honey aromatherapy

I love the scent of honey & tobacco. It is not too strong. The body butter leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth.


I just love the smell & it brings a pep to my step when I apply the scent

Will buy again!

I'm so happy I got the 16oz candle this time so I can enjoy my favorite scent much longer. This will also be a great jar size to reuse when the candle is done.


I’m absolutely in love with this scent. I purchased this body spray while I was visiting Victoria, and I was so happy it was available online! I get so many compliments on this!

Great candle

Honey Tobacco is a favourite scent! This candle throws the scent beautifully and burns nicely too :)

I love love this!

This scent is my favourite! I love using this mist on *everything*!!!

Great body butter ❤

Honey Tobacco is a favourite scent of mine :) I love the texture of this body butter, and how it retains the lovely scent!

Beautiful scent!

I love this diffuser blend - so calming and refreshing all at once!

Great product

Amazing scent for the cream. .. definitely good for dry skin. Rich Shea cream, don't need alot or it will be a little greasy. Would buy again

My go to

I use this and the roller, every day, people always ask why I smell so good! It is soothing for my soul♡

Diffuser blend so soothing

Love how this smell refreshes and awakens, my home and my soul! Beautiful!

Smells Incredible!

A soft, sweet, and smoky scent.
Lasting power but not overpowering.
Love it!