When it comes to Black Friday, which is no longer a day but nearly an entire month of expected markdowns and mass purchasing, we simply have to play along in some way or another. So I ask myself: how do I do this while maintaining the integrity we built this business on? The same integrity that I imagine is why you love our products; we take great care to make high-quality products that are non-harming for both you and the environment. Mass markdowns, unconscious shopping, and adding to consumer waste are simply out of our ethos. 

All that being acknowledged, we also know the holidays can be an exciting time to gather with loved ones, share food and give thoughtful gifts, so please know that we are wildly grateful for every single person and purchase this time of year. I want to celebrate this time as a small (tiny) business that is doing things in our own way, the best we can and with a full heart. Rather than complying with standards that are simply not built for us, I am choosing transparency and sustainability this year. 

Below are our offerings for our sale and our contributions. It is my sincerest wish that you find something exciting here for you and your loved ones to slow down with and take good care this holiday season.

Thanks for being here. 


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