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small businesses + black friday

A quick note about our sale

When it comes to Black Friday, which is no longer a day but nearly an entire month of expected markdowns and mass purchasing, we simply have to play along in some way or another. So I ask myself: how do I do this while maintaining the integrity we built this business on? The same integrity that I imagine is why you love our products; we take great care to make high-quality products that are non-harming for both you and the environment. Mass markdowns, unconscious shopping, and adding to consumer waste are simply out of our ethos. 

All that being acknowledged, we also know the holidays can be an exciting time to gather with loved ones, share food and give thoughtful gifts, so please know that we are wildly grateful for every single person and purchase this time of year. I want to celebrate this time as a small (tiny) business that is doing things in our own way, the best we can and with a full heart. Rather than complying with standards that are simply not built for us, I am choosing transparency and sustainability this year. 

Below are our offerings for our sale and our contributions. It is my sincerest wish that you find something exciting and of value here for you and your loved ones to slow down with and take good care this holiday season.

Thanks for being here. 


Sale Details + Blue Friday

- Free Shipping on all orders ($17.56 value)
- Free Gift with purchases over $99: our Rise + Calm Tea Bundle while supplies last
- Don't forget to add the Tea Bundle to your cart to get your gift!
- 10% off subscriptions on select products. Fully customizable frequency options
- 10% off Gift Sets we designed to pair together
- Reward Members Earn 5 Picot Points for every $1 spent. And don’t forget about your referral links 👇🏼 Spread them like kindness
- Refer a friend to us and they save $10 - you get a $20gift card to shop with us next time when they use your code! Our Rewards program is where we get to thank our valued returning customers and the discounts keep on giving.
- 10% of our sales made on Friday, November 25th will be donated to Blue Friday, an alternative to Black Friday that is supporting ocean conservation initiatives. Your purchases help us take action as a value-oriented business. Read more about this and other participating businesses below.

fine print: these offerings cannot be combined with other discount codes at this time


We make products with non-harming ingredients for both people and the environment. This year, along with 35 other businesses, we are donating 10% of our sales from November 25th to support climate action-oriented initiatives that align with our sustainable and conscious consumerism values. 

We learned from previous years that flooding and flu have severely impacted our business in complex ways, especially during the holidays, and we feel particularly drawn to joining climate initiatives that are contributing positively.

Projects being funded:
1. Styrofoam Processing Facility - Surfrider Pacific Rim *primary project
2. Scott Islands Marine Debris Removal - Living Oceans *secondary project

Interested to learn more about Blue Friday, participating businesses, and these projects? 👇🏼


Where are your products made?

Our products are all hand made on Pender Island in BC, Canada.

Can I pick up my order?

Sorry, we don't have a pickup location. We closed our brick and mortar shop in 2017 and now offer everything online with free shipping!

How long does shipping take?

Not long at all! We ship all orders within 1-2 business days.

Can I refill my products?

We get this question a lot! We are working on a container exchange program. Stay tuned through our newsletter!