12 activities for self-care during a pandemic

Amidst the concerns of our health and economy during this time when we have encouraged to stay home and social distance, I'm sure there has been a sneaky thought like " yes... I've been wanting to catch up on Love is Blind all week", or something like that. While that's definitely something you should do, here are 11 other activities I recommend that get you away from Netflix binging the days away and possibly even help to ease the anxiety that inevitably rises during uncertain times. 
1- Facetime group hang- did you know that you can have a party-line facetime hang? Just tap the + button at the top right corner and add your friends! 
2- Play board games with family- I love Anomia and Ticket to Ride right now. You're already staying home together, bring some laughter into your days.
3-Read a book... or two. Libraries are closing, perhaps shops/malls are closing, so maybe there's one on your shelf you've been putting off reading, or you'd want to read again. But Amazon is still open.
4- Get outside and take a quiet walk or listen to a podcast or an audiobook. A great way to social distance and still feel connected (to nature). Make eye contact and smile at people passing you by. 
5-Download a home-fitness app. Most gyms are closing but movement is a great way to burn off stress and increase your immunity and endorphins.
6- Try something creative through painting, drawing, knitting, writing, whatever. Find something meditative to do with your hands
7-Meditate try Insight timer (which is free!) for scheduled moments of calm
8 -Cook or bake something that is in large batches and easy to freeze for later. Think soup, tarts, quiche, etc.
9- Plant veggie or flower seeds in your garden
10- Spring clean the house and/or car. Wash your interior and exterior windows.
11- Spend a little more time snuggling with animals.