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Flore Botanical Alchemy Perfume Interview
Dec 03, 2016
We had Stacey answer our prying questions about her process, her passion and her practice and she's given us such a great insight into what it means to be a old world perfumer in today's world.
We Welcome the Fernwood Lights
Nov 11, 2016
Ticket-holders will enjoy a small appetizer from neighbours at Stage Wine Bar, The Fernwood Inn, Cornerstone Café, Aubergine Specialty Foods, and Fernwood Alumni Norte Street Food and Hungry Rooster. Sips include cocktails from Victoria Distillers and Ampersand Gin, seasonal beer from Phillips Brewery and Hoyne Brewing Company, local soda from Phillips Soda Works, wine from Storied Wines & Spirits and a festive sparkling offering from Stag’s Hollow. Warm up with hot apple cider in The Belfry or enjoy the lights outside with Silk Road Tea.
#SHELFIE: More Retail Styling Techniques you can use at Home
Nov 03, 2016
Use these techniques in conjunction with the ones from our original shelf styling post and you'll be an interior style guru!
An Interview with Brooke De Armond of Bees + Bones
Oct 13, 2016
I want to collaborate and create unique fabrics and play around with the artistic side of what clothing is. I don’t see my business becoming huge and mass producing. I see it as an outlet for fashionable creatives. I want to make unique original pieces that are still affordable and wearable but [also] art
Bringing Fall Indoors
Sep 11, 2016
Seasons come with their own moods and vibes, and I enjoy fully embracing them! Summer's almost gone and as sad as that is, I'm looking forward to cozier times.
Wrapping up the Fernwood Night Markets
Aug 26, 2016
The intentions of these markets was to bring together artists in a way that would foster a creative community. And let me tell you, The vibes were felt!
#SHELFIE: Retail Styling Techniques You can use at Home
Aug 13, 2016
Homes and stores are going to be very different of course. You don't line your bathroom counter with 12 identical bottles of shampoo! But there are absolutely similarities and cross-overs. Below I've included a few retail styling techniques you can implement into your curated shelves at home for that "perfect without trying" look.
Pet Proof House Plants
Jul 27, 2016
There are plenty of plants that can be poisonous to our pets. So be careful when choosing greenery for your home, especially if you know your pets enjoy treating your living room like a salad bar.
Reading List: Top 5 Recommended Reads for Creative Entrepreneurs
Jul 14, 2016
Some things I have no restraint for: tacos, pottery, jewelry, and books. Quite regularly you will find me (post-tacos) wandering the aisles of Russell's, Chapters (yes, I'm not sorry, I do occasionally buy from Chapters), or Munro's books. You creative entrepreneurs are busy, so I'll get to the point....
Summer in Victoria: From the Cashmere & Plaid Blog
Jul 13, 2016
  Our friend Emily Johnson has quite possibly the most adorable blog I have ever...
Your Guide to The Best Markets in Victoria this Summer
Jun 28, 2016
We are already well into Victoria's market season, seeing as many of the staple markets started up mid-April. And most markets will be running strong until the cooler weeks of September and October, meaning if you haven't hit up the weekly markets you still have plenty of time left and there's still many specialty markets yet to come!
What Arielle will be Eating and Drinking at Fernwood Bites
Jun 10, 2016
With this much delicious food to look forward to it's only safe to go in with a game plan. Yes, a ticket allows you to enjoy everything at the festival, but we've created ourselves a menu of sorts, complete with our favourites as well as some establishments we've yet to try. Consider it our perfect Victoria meal. It's not every day all your favourite restaurants are in one spot!